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Book review: Cupcake Explosion (Cupcakes #4) by Bethany Lopez @BethanyLopez2

Cupcake Explosion (Cupcakes #4)
by Bethany Lopez
Romantic comedy
eBook and paperback, 196 pages
Published May 14, 2018

For the first time in a long time, life is good. I've got a smokin' hot motorcycle man as my fiancé, the best friends a woman could have, a couple of great kids, and things have been relatively quiet on the PI front.

You know what that means... the other shoe was bound to drop sooner or later...

Just when I was ready to settle down and plan the coolest wedding Greenswood has ever seen, the shit hit the fan, and hit it hard.

My friends are fighting, Cade's been out of town doing God knows what for the club, and my sweet little twins are turning into hair-pulling pre-teens with more drama than my old daytime soaps.

I feel like I'm being pulled in a million directions, and I've been going so crazy that Elin's swear jar is near to overflowing. I've been eating cupcakes like a woman possessed, and if I'm not careful, there's going to be a Cupcake Explosion... in my pants.


Reading Order:
Always Room for Cupcakes
Cupcake Overload
Lei'd with Cupcakes
Cupcake Explosion


Lila, the Queen of All Things Cupcakes, is back and how I missed her! After her fun and suspenseful Hawaiian vacation with her twins and boyfriend, Cade, our favorite private eye has returned home. Cupcake Explosion begins with Lila getting back to her everyday life, except she will soon be marrying her sexy man. Of course, in true Lila style, her trip down the aisle has to have some type of humor and drama...everything fans love about this series.

Her love life is going great, but how about the rest of her life? Her twins are acting like the preteens they are, which means arguing and mood swings. Even her best friends begin bickering and Lila needs to figure out the underlying reason why. What's a girl to do? Grab a cupcake!

I really do enjoy this series. I know when I sit down to read that I will laugh out loud, giggle, and swoon when a certain male enters a scene. Lila is happy and I'm thrilled for her. But her journey always has some bumps and Cupcake Explosion ratchets up those 'bumps' into a rather large boom. Lila should be taking it easy as her wedding date approaches until Cade informs her that he'll be leaving town on motorcycle club business.

Knowing Lila, we can assume she won't take his advice and deal with her nuptials. Just before they say "I do," Lila somehow gets involved in messy, shady business as the tension mounts. This series is quick-paced and I wouldn't have it any other way. I really love the addition of Cade's family and enjoy the scenes between them and Lila. Lopez imbues their scenes with such warmth, their moments always tug the heartstrings. And Cade--like any great cupcake--is a yummy treat! I actually missed him when he went away.

Lila's friends are always entertaining, and I'm glad to see another 'couple' happen in book number four. There's mystery, action, laughs, romance, and a sweet wedding in this installment. Unfortunately, I had no cupcakes to enjoy while I devoured Lila's latest book in one sitting. I can only wonder what's next in book five of author Bethany Lopez' addictive Cupcakes series.

Cover comment: The covers for this series are so cute.
Review: 5 I Loved it!
Book source: I received a complimentary copy to review.

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  1. Awe, thanks so much for reading. I love your review, and I'm thrilled you enjoyed Cupcake Explosion. Next time, make sure you have cupcakes handy! ;)