Monday, December 12, 2016

Review: My Rogue, My Ruin by Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan

My Rogue, My Ruin
by Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan
Historical romance
348 pages, eBook
Published November 21st 2016 by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Select Historical)

The Marquess of Hawksfield’s lineage is impeccable and his title coveted, but Archer Croft is as far from his indulgent peers as he can get. His loathing for the beau monde has driven him to don a secret identity and risk everything in order to steal their riches and distribute them to the less fortunate.

Lady Briannon Findlay embraces her encounter with the Masked Marauder, a gentleman thief waylaying carriages from London to Essex. The marauder has stirred Brynn’s craving for adventure, and she discovers an attraction deeper than the charming thief’s mask.

Brynn is a revelation, matching Archer in intelligence, wit, and passion. Stubborn and sensuous in equal measure, she astonishes him at every turn, but when someone sinister impersonates Archer’s secret personality, and a murder is committed, Archer begins to think he doesn’t stand a fighting chance without her.

Cold, brooding rake by day, dashing Robin Hood by night is only seeking his next heist, not to have his heart suddenly awakened by a spitfire lady. Has the Marquess of Hawksfield met his match in Lady Briannon Findlay? In My Rogue, My Ruin, authors Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan, join together to bring their engaging historical romance to readers who enjoy a hate-to-love story.

The story certainly intrigues and entertains. I found myself reaching for my Kindle whenever I had a free moment just 'to catch up' with the characters and to see what new shenanigans they were getting into. Briannon may come across as demure, but say something to spark her ire and the passionate young woman inside of her flashes to the forefront. As the Masked Marauder, Archer Croft is stirred by her reaction to his stealing her beloved grandmother's pearls. Croft is to be a Marquess but he doesn't care for those who share the same social class status. He's had to deal with his father spending well above his income and since his dad won't claim his illegitimate sister Eloise, Archer does his best to love and provide for her as well. It seems the so-called rake has a huge heart for caring for others. When he encounters Briannon that fateful evening neither will be the same.

Brynn may play the part of lady but brimming underneath her timid exterior beats the heart of a feisty independent woman. She rides without a saddle, is an excellent shot, and likes to best her brother in archery. Yet, after she is held up by a sexy masked highwayman, something burns inside of her, a passion for the thief. Besides pearls, has he stolen her heart? 

I liked the dual identities each main character had and how their station in life didn't necessarily have to identify them. Archer and Brynn have a convincing love-hate relationship and terrific chemistry. I especially liked how Archer began to know how to rile Brynn. Their balcony scene really showcases their fiery temperaments and the way they make each other smolder inside. Talk about chemistry! 

As much as I enjoyed their story, I did feel that Archer's character was more fleshed out than Brynn's, and at times her strong-willed personality became a bit much and turned her too mean. During the balcony scene it is obvious both characters enjoy the kiss but she turns cold and insulting before storming off. Since I did like her I will say in her defense that perhaps part of her chilly behavior was due to her frustration as a strong-willed woman in a time period which didn't exactly welcome her independent nature. One of my favorite scenes had to be the boar scene down by the river. That was tense and exciting.

There were some things introduced which didn't come into play at all later on in the book. I found that puzzling. As for the story's mystery, I had a suspicion but didn't really see the twist coming. Nice touch by the authors. All in all, I liked Brynn and Archer's romance and wanted more of their falling in love. My Rogue, My Ruin is very entertaining and I really liked it.

Rating: 4
Cover comment: Attractive. I would have liked to have seen his mask someplace (either hanging out of his pocket or off his shoulder) or if there were jewels (particularly rubies) in his hand. Or Brynn could stand behind him.
Book source: NetGalley


  1. I'd like to find this one. The romance and the Robin Hood theme are favourites of mine!

    1. Hi Mystica! It's a fun read and the chemistry between the couple is exciting. I hope you enjoy it.