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Blog tour for Dream of Me (The Djinn Order #2) by A. Star @DianthaJones #Giveaway

Dream of Me by A. Star
(The Djinn Order #2)
Publication date: January 19th 2016
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Steampunk


Glory St. Pierre never thought so many lies could hold so much truth, especially when her entire life has been one of those lies. Now that she knows who she really is, she must find a way to come to terms with it before the Djinn sorcerer Rasputin and his steel army descend down upon the human and Djinn realms, wielding magic so dark even her own Djinn lover, Irving, is wary of it.

Their only hope to save the realms are a couple of hunters and the Lords of the Djinn Order, four powerful Djinn who have remained elusive for centuries. Armed with her only granted wish, a fabulous airship, and the Djinn she loves by her side, Glory will embark on a quest to find the four lords and enlist their help. But there is a reason the lords have been in hiding, and once this tiny band of adventurers awakens them from their slumber, they will set off a chain of events that has been in the making since the beginning of time.

There is no turning back now.

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What is there not to love about steampunk stories? The wildly imaginative alternate realities, the sounds of machinery, awesome outfits, and vivid settings--I love it all. I really enjoyed A. Star's first book in her The Djinn Order series, Wish For Me, and was so stoked to reconnect with the sassy Glory St. Pierre and her swoonworthy boyfriend, Irving. The vastness of the worlds they traveled and connected readers to, along with his creations and the many characters introduced, kept me invested. The second book, Dream of Me, continues this couple's journey while taking the time to show us more of them and the people and places/situations/things they encounter.

Glory is still Glory, loud, talkative, and she makes her presence known anywhere she goes. Her family of hunters returns as the adventure to find Rasputin continues. Relationships are delved into more, secrets are revealed and other family drama ensues. We meet new characters and learn about others. Since we have both Glory and Irving's families to contend with, there's A LOT to keep us engaged! There's action, adventure, romance and steamy moments (I said "Steamy"), steampunk flourishes (the airship is soo cool)--everything we've come to expect and enjoy in this series. I will stress new readers should begin with book one, not just pick this one up and jump in (which you could do but it's better to enjoy the entire experience).

The one thing I will mention is discovering one chapter narrated by Irving later in the story. The abrupt shift in POV took me out of the story momentarily. I find him incredibly swoonworthy and after reading his chapter I wondered how the entire story could have benefited if both Irving and Glory had narrated. It's simply my opinion but I find at times that Glory's personality can be a bit much to handle and breaking up her flow with Irving's narration could have balanced things out and filled in spots where I had questions. Plus, I never tire of hearing from Irving. Can I have my own djinn? ;) I'm also not crazy about cliffhanger endings and the way the series is set up in installments. Once I'm immersed in a fictional world I don't want to end my trip because it's too short. A. Star does such a great job of building up her worlds and situations that I want, I need, to keep reading. When's the next installment coming out???

When this series is complete I hope to see all installments offered in one complete volume. That would be my preferred method of reading Glory and Irving's wonderful journey together. I would definitely purchase that and read about this couple all over again.

Rating: 4
Cover comment: Matches the first
Book source: I received a promotional copy.

About the author

A. Star is a fan of dirty passion. She loves to read it, and she damn sure loves to write it. She is the author of the Mythos: Gods & Lovers series and the Djinn Order series. She is a night-owl and a coffee junkie, and the only sneaker she would be caught dead wearing are Converses.

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