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On this Wednesday we bring to you a New Adult contemporary romance book tour. Enjoy!

Tour: Make Me Believe by Karen Ferry 
Make Me Believe (Believe #1) by Karen Ferry 
Publication Date: July 6, 2015 

Sometimes, a chance meeting is just the push you need in order to break free from the darkness within…

My name is Emma, I’m 23, and I’ve never been kissed. I’m no virgin…But kissing is too intimate, too intense, and I don’t want that – not ever. I like sex, though, and most of my hook-ups don’t seem to mind the no-kissing part. 

But then I meet Daniel, who’s such a geek, and definitely not the kind of guy I’d normally take an interest to. He’s the shy, quiet type, but with such a charming smile, and he makes my heart race – something I’ve never experienced before. 

Daniel has his own issues to work through, and I know my hardened heart shouldn’t melt when he looks at me. I really shouldn’t be falling for him, either, but somehow, he manages to tear down my walls, and I’m scared…because once he learns my secrets, he’ll want nothing to do with me. 

All I know is that Daniel makes me feel things that I have never felt before – but do I dare let down my walls and confide in him? 

Will I let him be my first kiss? 

This is my story, and I’ll reveal everything in my own sweet time… 

Just don’t expect all the hearts-and-flowers stuff. 

Life is messy, and mine is no different… 

INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS ***Due to possible ‘triggers’ and adult situations (yes, there is lots of sex in this book) it is not recommended to persons under the age of 18.

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Emma takes my hand in hers and pulls me inside her flat, shutting the door quietly. I wait in her small hallway, unsure of what to do, and I’m completely taken aback when I feel her arms surrounding me from behind, her body pressed flush to mine.
For the first time since I last saw her, I can breathe freely again.
Shite . . . I’m going to bawl like a baby soon!
Emma's lips press against me, and although I can't feel them on my skin, they're burning me.
"I'm sorry, Daniel . . . ,” she whispers softly, and I'm grateful when she leaves it at that. Reaching my hand upwards, I place it on top of hers briefly before turning in her arms to wrap my own around her.
I need her so fucking bad right now.
I squeeze tightly, wishing more than ever that she would allow me to kiss her. But if she won't let me pour out how much she means to me with my mouth, at least I am able to use my hands, mouth, and my tongue on her body. Maybe it'll even force her to open her eyes and truly see how I need her so much.
It would seem that Emma has another plan in mind, though, because she wriggles gently out of my grasp, takes my hand again and leads me inside her living room. She stops next to her CD player hanging on the wall to the right just above her small TV and turns up the volume a bit. Smiling shyly at me, looking cute as hell, she backs away from me, and I have no other choice but to follow her. The next song starts, and I’m surprised when I hear a French woman sing a cover of “Someone Like Yo”’ by Adele. I like it, and I like to see yet another side to Emma.
“I thought you weren’t a romantic,” I murmur, keeping my voice low for fear of breaking this strange spell she has me under, and she shrugs.
“Dancing isn’t necessarily a romantic act,” she mutters.
Bloody hell, she’s stubborn.
I want to disagree with her but I don’t want to lose this moment we’re having right now. Because this feels significant, somehow . . . The air is charged with electricity, my stomach is wrapped up in knots, and I honestly don’t know where this is going.
But I know I’ll follow this girl everywhere she goes.
It’s as if she has woven a web around my entire being . . . She’s never far from my thoughts, my attraction to her has not died down while I was away these past few days -- quite the contrary, in fact -- and even though I don’t believe in some higher deity, I thank them for bringing this girl into my life.
Emma accepts me for who I am, no matter where I come from.
I’d be lying if I said I’d want to break free of the bonds she has wrapped tightly around my heart.
I don’t. Not now. Not ever.
This is it: the moment I hand over my heart to her, unafraid of what the consequences might be.
And she seems to want to dance with me. Well, then . . . who am I to deny her? I just hope I don’t step on her toes too much.

Rating: 4 Really liked it!
Cover comment: So romantic
Book source: Received a promotional copy

Getting lost in Make Me Believe was extremely easy. Emma is the type of girl we can relate to, dealing with an issue she doesn't share and trying to live day to day. Sex with strangers is an outlet and she doesn't like to kiss because that is too private an act. Until she meets Daniel, the quiet young man who is related to her sweet boss. When he asks for her help in tutoring him because of his dyslexia, she is quick to want to say no, but doesn't. How can she refuse those green eyes of his? The more time they spend together, the more a deep relationship is hinted at. They just have to get through the layers of past pains and issues in order to find the good.

Congratulations to author Karen Ferry on the publication of her first novel. Make Me Believe is an emotionally gripping contemporary romance set in Denmark. There were so many lovely little touches and scenes between the two main characters to make me a fan of the author. Both Emma and Daniel are very sympathetic but I have to admit that Daniel was faster to like. I think it was his vulnerability, his wide-eyed innocence and big heart which made him swoon worthy. I was surprised to see his point-of-view presented in Chapter Ten, but afterwards, I settled in, enjoying what he had to say most of the time. My one comment is how quickly he turned from a quiet guy into this sexy alpha-like dude. At first I didn't believe him, but I'm happy to report he redeemed himself rather quickly.

Emma took longer to like and I suspect that was done on purpose. Her issues run deeper and she had to see that seeking help was a way of her admitting she had a problem to deal with. I liked her interactions with her grandmother, their phone calls always provided tender moments of humor and pure love. Also, her boss was such a nice man, readers couldn't help but like him. The way Emma handled her issue was a little on the weak side, but then everyone reacts differently and that's why we have stories-to see different points-of-view. Like Daniel, Emma redeemed herself and her humorous outlook was fun to read.

The romance in Make Me Believe was the novel's strong point. Oh, the romance! Between Daniel's 'moments' and his insistence to break down Emma's barriers, this really gave their love story its momentum and tremendous heart. Watching Emma give in and let herself feel and enjoy this soulful guy's love (those eyes of his!) made me smile. Like I said, there were so many wonderful scenes between these two which were  great to read and enjoy. I was glad I could read at night during a quiet time. This couple clicked for me and I had to root for them from the very first time they met in the station. Make Me Believe made me a believer in Ferry's ability to entice me with a sentimental and highly romantic love story.

About the author

Karen Ferry is a thirty-something writer, wife to a quiet, laidback man, and mother to a gorgeous, stubborn, redheaded girl who keeps her parents on their toes. Karen tends to have a short fuse if she does not get a proper caffeine fix first thing in the mornings, but she is, in fact, a gentle person deep down. Karen loves Italian food and wine, travelling, and spending time with her family. When she is not writing, she reads – her favourite genres are New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica and Romantic Suspense. She can never get enough of romance. Or of too many book boyfriends, either. Even though Karen is Danish, she has always felt more at ease writing stories in English, and she has not read a book in her native tongue in over ten years. She can be very outspoken and a complete fan girl of other authors online but will, in fact, be very shy once she meets you in person.

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