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YA/NA book review: Ultraviolet (Ultraviolet #1) by Jessica Sorensen @jessFallenStar #WhatsTheSecretBeneathTheGround

Ultraviolet (Ultraviolet #1)
by Jessica Sorensen
YA contemporary fantasy
Published May 26th 2015
Episode 1

Hidden in the Red Hill Mountains is the quiet town of Hollows Grove.

In that town, there is a field where a secret is buried deep beneath the ground.

And in that field is where Mila was found abandoned with no memory of her past and haunted by visions of the future.

Nine years later, Mila’s life is almost as normal as any other eighteen-year-old. That is until she starts foreseeing the murder of Nyjah Bradley, a guy she’s never met before, but whose face is branded into her mind.

Constantly plagued by the vision, Mila decides to track Nyjah down and warn him of his impending death. But when the search leads her back to Hollows Grove, she learns there’s more to the sleepy town than meets the eye.

This story takes place over multiple episodes. Each episode is approximately 20,000 words.

Rating: 4 of 5
Cover comment: Visually striking. Pretty. Can't wait to see what the butterflies symbolize and mean to Mila.
Book source: I received a promotional copy.

Mila may look like a normal teen girl who just graduated high school, has a great best friend named Novela, and loving parents. There's more hidden underneath her pretty face. She has a secret. She can see visions of the future. Novela knows about her ability but doesn't let it affect their friendship. In this opening episode, Mila and Novela are taking a road trip and have lots of places mapped out to visit and relatives to stay with. First up on Mila's agenda is a stop in Hollows Grove, the strange town where she was found wandering on a hill. Her recurring dreams about a boy being murdered before her eyes disturb her and she wants to prevent his death by warning him. But when the girls arrive in Hollows Grove, it's apparent there is something very wrong with the town. And in pure Stephen King fashion, the two friends find themselves in a predicament with no quick fix.

Sorensen has crafted a creepy and mysterious beginning to her novella series, sure to keep some readers awake at night wondering about creaks. I'm mystified and captivated enough to want to read on. Mila is extremely likable as is her rapport with Novela. The whole mystery with Nyjah and the weirdness of Hollows Grove kept my eyes fastened on every paragraph. There is just the right amount of everything from setting to dialogue to conflict and action. The pacing was just right. I need more!

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