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Love Elixir Antidote by Sonny Zae blog tour with excerpt & #GIVEAWAY #fantasy #satire @RoanePublishing

Welcome to our stop on the Love Elixir Antidote blog tour. Come on in and meet Sonny, enjoy the excerpt and enter the giveaway.

Title: Love Elixir Antidote
Author: Sonny Zae
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Release Date: April 20, 2015
Keywords: Fantasy, Medieval, Satire, Humor, Fantasy Adventure, Romantic Comedy

Sonny the Scoundrel lives with Grandpap, the wizard in their rustic village of Sow's Teat. Sonny is dashing and handsome, but his reputation is widely known. When a former flame announces her marriage to a suitor from a distant city, he knows it will be a grand affair attended by visitors from far beyond their village—including young maidens who are unaware of his dubious reputation.

Since the visitors will include his favorite type of maidens—those he can romance and never see again, he nicks a love elixir from Grandpap in advance of a big wedding,. Sonny is confident he can charm any of the visiting maidens without need of the love elixir, but why work harder than necessary?

When he adds too much love elixir to a girl's cup, Sonny discovers making her fall out of love with him is much harder than he imagined. Unfortunately, there is no love elixir antidote and Sonny must use his wits to wriggle out of her clinging claws.


I regained my senses with a feeling a large stone lay atop me, pinning me down. When I succeeded in moving, it was only with great effort that I lifted an eyelid. The great weight bearing down on me was merely a serving tray, piled high with plates of food. I reached up a hand and pushed it off, with dishes clattering to the table and food spilling outward. I sat up, conscious of a throbbing behind my eyes and a stickiness on the sides of my face, as if the accursed dog had been licking me—or Pugloria. Mayhap even her granny, judging from the looks the old crone had cast my way. I had to stop thinking about it before I became ill, already feeling as if about to retch.

I inspected my legs through bleary eyes. There was a large, damp stain near the bottom of one trouser leg. Without a doubt, Porker's work. My fine white shirt had a large purple wine stain on the front, as if someone had spilt their goblet on me. Anger rose inside me. How dare they treat me so casually? So poorly? The front of my shirt had been pulled out and only partially re-tucked in. Who had been inspecting the produce?

"Welcome back to the party," said a voice that could have been either male or female. I twisted my head to find Flameauvier, Pugloria's cousin. He had a smirk on his face as if reading my thoughts.

My blood turned chill. Did everyone want a taste of Sonny the Scoundrel?

"You are a handsome fellow," he observed. "Why do they call you a scoundrel?"
Sonny lives in a small town on the edge of reality.  His only remarkable characteristic is imagination.  He ignored his grade school teacher's repeated admonitions to stop daydreaming and get to work.

Sonny's book WIZARD SEEKING TROPHY BRIDE, is available on the Kindle.  It is a story about the exceptional difficulties involved in finding love and happiness for an elderly and strange wizard, not to mention the difficulties of dealing with an elderly relative—an elderly relative who is also a wizard.
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