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Breathing Black (The Black and White Duet #1) by Piper Payne blog tour

Breathing Black (The Black and White Duet #1)
by Piper Payne
New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance/Thriller
Released December 2, 2014

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A stunning debut novel that will leave you breathless.

A desolate childhood; a scarred, jaded, damaged girl. Larkin Grant knew she couldn’t end up like her mother … so she ran. All her belongings packed in the back of a rusted, brown Cadillac, her best friend June in the passenger seat as the co-pilot, she fled Aspen and never looked back.

A new life in a new city, Larkin was finally starting to breathe again, an unfamiliar sense of happiness seeping into her lungs. Landon Black, the boy she loved from afar, came back into her life despite leaving him and her awful memories buried hundreds of miles away. A weakened pulse brought back to life.

He said she was beautiful. She was starting to believe him. He pursued her and changed the course of everyone’s plans. Life had dealt Larkin a cruel hand, but maybe this was it. Maybe the boy that never knew she existed finally saw her and came to free her from the darkness of her past.

But we are never truly free. There are secrets that bind us and lies that unravel from the most beautiful of lips. Blackness that suffocates and makes us question everything we thought we knew. Larkin and Landon are intertwined in ways they never imagined, their future unclear as ghosts come back to haunt them.

Friendship. Revenge. Love. Drugs. Murder. Deceit.

The first in a two-book series, Breathing Black is a mix of suspense and breathless romance. It’s a provocative tale that challenges what one is willing to do to protect the ones they love. An emotional journey where trust isn't an option and falling in love never hurt so bad.

By Piper Payne

I wrote Breathing Black because writing a memoir of my childhood was too depressing at the time. At first, I actually had no intention of publishing a book; I was just writing as a therapeutic way to express myself. But, as my fingers typed and the story started to form in my head I became committed to finishing and sharing it.

Breathing Black, the title comes from Larkin’s physical struggle within herself; her anxiety and inability to breathe at times, along with the cause and affect of, Landon Black, who seems to trigger what she’s worked so hard to move past. I imagine if you were to breathe in Landon it would be like inhaling a dark addicting cloud that feels euphoric and amazing until you realize it’s bad for you.

I wrote my characters with the typical romance hero/heroine recipe and every intention of fucking that recipe up. No one is perfect, my characters aren’t perfect, and that’s what I find the most intriguing. It erases the stereotype and gives meaning to what it’s like when you really have to fight for love, or to be loved.

About the Author

My love for literature and writing is an addiction. My mind is continually telling stories and I have a queue of books I want to write being stacked up in my brain. I don’t know how to write pretty and perfect so I write perfectly flawed and unpredictable. Just like life.

I’m married to my best friend and I’m mother to three little miracles. I love going to farmers markets, bookstores, and long drives with my family in my ruby red Bronco. I also have an unhealthy love for makeup, Oreos, Halloween, queso dip, psychic readings, sushi, massages, and Redd’s Apple Ale.

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