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Blog tour with review & giveaway: Illusion (Swept Away #1) by J.S. Cooper

What would you do if you woke up on a deserted island tied to a mysterious hunky stranger?
Do you like hot, sexy romances that are full of mystery and surprises? Then it's time for you to read Illusion.

Illusion (Swept Away #1) by J.S. Cooper
New Adult contemporary romance
Paperback/eBook, 352 pages
Published November 11th 2014 by Gallery Books

The day started like every other day...

Bianca London finds herself kidnapped and locked up in a van with a strange man. Ten hours later, they’re dumped on a deserted island. Bianca has no idea what’s going on and her attraction to this stranger is the only thing keeping her fear at bay.

Jakob Bradley wants only to figure out why they’ve been left on the island and how they can get off. But as the days go by, he can’t ignore his growing fascination with Bianca.

In order to survive, Bianca and Jakob must figure out how they’re connected, but as they grow closer, secrets are revealed that may destroy everything they thought they knew about each other.

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Read an excerpt of Illusion:
“I have you in the palm of my hands,” he whispered softly and leaned toward me.
“What do you mean by that?” I whispered back at him, my stomach jumping as his fingers brushed my wet hair away from my face.
“Nothing.” He shook his head. “I’m just saying, I could do what I wanted to you right now, but all I’m doing is saving you. I hope you’ll trust me after this.”
“Untie me and I’ll trust you.” I nodded, unblinking.
“Can I get a kiss as well?” His eyes sparkled as his lips came dangerously close to mine.
“What?” I closed my eyes and waited to feel his lips on mine.
“Open your eyes, Bianca.” He whispered against my lips. I could feel his breath gliding over my skin as I opened my eyes slowly. I swallowed hard as I stared up at him.

Illusion is an intriguing read filled with tension, mystery, and romance. Bianca is a twenty-five year old woman living alone in New York City. Her mother died in a car accident when she was young and her dad passed recently, leaving her a letter revealing his suspicions about her mom's death. Accident or murder? Bianca wants to find out and begins some sleuthing but she needs to be careful, especially since the company she's investigating has some ties to her ex-boyfriend. After a visit from a cop and while out for drinks with her best friend, Bianca finds herself drugged and in the trunk of a moving vehicle. Things have certainly changed for the naive freelancing movie critic. 

I would've loved Illusions if I liked the main character more. At times Bianca was so naive and flighty, I wanted to shake her. If I found myself awakening inside a trunk with a complete stranger, I wouldn't get aroused by the company simply because he was hot. Bianca does get mention her outrage at feeling attracted to said stranger before succumbing to more thoughts about him. Girlfriend...

When Bianca and Jakob find themselves on an island, things turned even more perplexing and the questions increased. Bianca has been surrounded by people she should be viewing with suspicion from her best friend to her ex and now a hot stranger named Jakob. Parts when we're listening to Bianca's first person narrative seemed repetitive while other parts about being stranded on an island didn't gel for me. The more I read--and I'll give Cooper lots of credit for hooking readers with a tense teaser and for writing a suspenseful story--the more I sought answers but didn't receive as many answers as I would have liked. Since this is a series I presume the mysteries will be stretched out, especially after the cliffhanging ending. This is the first novel I've read by J.S. Cooper and I'm intrigued enough to find out what happens in the second book.

Rating: 3.5

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About J. S. Cooper

J. S. Cooper was born in London, England and moved to Florida her last year of high school. After completing law school at the University of Iowa (from the sunshine to cold) she moved to Los Angeles to work for a Literacy non profit as an Americorp Vista. She then moved to New York to study the History of Education at Columbia University and took a job at a workers rights non profit upon graduation.

She enjoys long walks on the beach (or short), hot musicians, dogs, reading (duh) and lots of drama filled TV Shows.
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