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Welcome to Becoming Beauty's Blog Tour! Learn all about Sarah E. Boucher and her exciting new Young Adult novel based on the classic fairy tale Beauty & The Beast

Becoming Beauty by Sarah E. Boucher
Romance/Fairy tale retelling
Paperback/eBook, 256 pages
Published November 11th 2014 by Cedar Fort Publishing & Media

Self-centered Bella focuses her attention on beautiful dresses and fabulous balls rather than helping her family earn a living.  And her siblings have had enough! To pay off their father’s debt, they send Bella to a far-off manor where the owner is more like a beast than a man.

As their personalities clash, Bella comes to realize there’s more to the Beast than she could ever have dreamed—if only she can look beneath the surface. And then there’s Jack, the kind servant who helps Bella adjust to her new life, someone Bella could easily fall in love with. But pursuing love may cost Bella her dreams of wealth and beauty. And that’s a price she’s not willing to pay.

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Becoming Beauty by Sarah E. Boucher is a fast and engaging read. I devoured this sweet, clean YA romance in one sitting. I've never considered myself a fan of fairytale retellings but I've read a bunch these last few weeks and have to change my view about these stories. From what I've read lately, changing up beloved tales is fun to read!

What I enjoyed about Boucher's take on Beauty and the Beast is what she did to the classic to make it own. Bella isn't the most beautiful, her sister Casssandra is, but what Bella may lack in the looks department she makes up for with brains. She may connive and manipulate herself into getting what she wants, but it works. She's smart, sassy when needed, and knows what she wants. Until her request to her departing father lands him back home ill and her two siblings blame her for his condition. Even though I thought her brother and sister were harsh on her, I will say she needed a necessary wake-up call. 

With nice description, the classic setting of a tired home, the author changes things up with the Beast having a close friend, Jack. The addition of another young male adds an enticing dynamic to this tale and truly made Bella's taking her father's place intriguing. This is not the typical love triangle for which I was grateful. All of the familiar themes are here, especially redemption, beauty, and love and there's a touch of magic as well. The pacing held steady, despite the ups-and-downs of Bella's heart, and I liked this 'Beast' being different from earlier versions. There are similarities and change-ups which keeps the book fresh. The story line with Beast and Rose and the necklace was refreshing and held my interest as did all of the twists, turns and surprises. 

Becoming Beauty is the type of book to grab a mug of hot cocoa and find a comfortable reading spot to settle into and let Sarah E. Boucher's words and characters transport you to another time and place. I really enjoyed this retelling and thank Cedar Fort Books.

Rating: 4

Cover comment:

This cover works for me. I like the faceless model and her position on the seat. The roses are a nice touch.
Book source:
I received a promotional copy from the publisher in return for my honest review during a book tour.

Author Spotlight
Sarah E. Boucher spends her days instilling young children with the same love of literature she has known since childhood. After hours, she pens her own stories and nurses an unhealthy obsession for handbags, high heels, baking, and British television. Sarah is a graduate of Brigham Young University, who currently lives and teaches in Ogden, Utah. Becoming Beauty is her first novel.

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