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Blog tour: 15 Minutes (Time For Love #4) by Bethany Lopez with review and #giveaway @BethanyLopez2

Join us in celebrating the release of 15 Minutes by Bethany Lopez!

15 Minutes (Time for Love #4) by Bethany Lopez
New Adult contemporary romance
Paperback/eBook, 274 pages
Published November 4, 2014
Models: Tessi Conquest and Fernando Cedeno
Photo by K Keeton Designs
Cover by B Designs

Raised to be the "perfect" wife, Victoria has spent her days maintaining her impeccable outward appearance and her nights mingling with the rich and entitled. When her engagement to Scott ended, Victoria thought she'd be rid of him and his circle of friends forever, but a chance encounter with Brock will change not only the way she sees him, but the way she sees herself.

Brock is a man who's happy and content with his life. A surrogate parent to his now-adult brothers, he spends his days running the company he built himself and his nights playing in his brothers' local band. When he runs into Victoria in the bar after a show, sparks unexpectedly fly, and he's interested in seeing where it goes.

But can the man who's happy with his life, convince the woman who always wants more, to give him a shot with only 15 Minutes on the clock?

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I honestly began reading 15 Minutes thinking I wouldn't like the story as much as I loved the first three titles in this series. Victoria is such a snob, who would find her attractive? After that first chapter when Brock walks up to Victoria at the bar quickly changed my mind. Holy hotness! Wow, I never knew Brock had it in him to be so sexy and downright assertive. And I think he surprised himself. All I need to say is I was easily hooked and read the book in one sitting.

In 15 Minutes we get to meet the real Victoria, not the cold, stiff-faced mannequin of the other books. Her fake veneer shows some cracks as she grapples with the apparent attraction she has for Brock. So things didn't work out with her fiance Scott. They weren't meant to be, but maybe, just maybe could the rugged looking, motorcycle driving, family first, smart businessman Brock turn out to be the only one she needs? Is 15 minutes enough time to find out?

Author Bethany Lopez delves into the conflict between the classes, showing how one woman was groomed by a step parent to become someone she wasn't in order to attract the "right" spouse. Watching Victoria shed her past--including her misguided beliefs and hang-ups--to fully embrace who she truly is--an incredible woman named Tori--and go after what she wants became a huge part of the book's appeal. From someone I despised to someone I really liked, Victoria actually became one of my favorite 'girls' in the Time For Love series. Let me mention the heartbreak she endures! That one scene so touched me while displaying how Tori was changing.

As for Brock.... Again, he came across as guarded but cool in the other books. When his relationship with Gaby soured, I felt for him since he really liked her. In this book, Brock came into his own (did he ever) and the painter by day/rocker in the band Whiskey heat by night changed my opinion of him rather quickly. His love for his younger brothers and his need to protect them is admirable as is his work ethic. I loved how he shoved aside the notion that he wasn't 'good enough' for the rich girl and pursued Victoria with a strength of character I didn't know was there. And when he leashes his seductive moves on her, no female can resist that! 

I am truly loving the Time For Love series and only wish Bethany Lopez could write faster. Her characters and conflicts are so real, the time I spend with them now is cherished. 15 Minutes genuinely surprised me, made me fall in love with characters I once didn't think much of, while cementing my fangirl-dom for a certain author. I loved it!

Rating: 5
I rate not only on the writing basics like plot and pacing, but also on how a story makes me feel while reading and after. I have to rate this book with a full 5 butterflies simply because every time I think of 15 Minutes, I feel really good and break out into a smile. Thanks, Bethany!

Cover comment:
My favorite in the series (so far). Love it! There's something about the way the models are placed, their poses, the way her eyes are closed, the angle, the side of his body. Together the image invokes Brock and Victoria and their story.

Book source:
I received a promotional copy from the author.

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Series Reading Order:

8 Weeks

21 Days

42 Hours

15 Minutes

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About the Author:

Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. Since then she has published various YA and NA books. She is a lover of romance, family, and friends, and enjoys incorporating those things in what she writes. When she isn't reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible.

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