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Psi Another Day blog tour: promo post & giveaway

Today's tour sounds like such a fun and adventurous read. We are one of today's stops on the Psi Another Day blog tour hosted by YA Bound Book Tours. There's a special post and a giveaway. Enjoy the day!
Psi Another Day by D.R. Rosensteel
Release date: May 6, 2014
Imprint: Entangled Teen
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Book Summary:


By day, I'm just another high school girl who likes lip gloss. But by night I'm a Psi Fighter—a secret guardian with a decade of training in the Mental Arts. And I'm about to test those skills in my first battle against evil.


When I was six, the Walpurgis Knights, our deadliest enemy, murdered my parents. The Psi Fighters put me into hiding, and all traces of my existence evaporated. Then I went through the most accelerated Psi Fighter training possible. And now I go to your school.


Unfortunately, so do the bad guys. My parents’ killer has sent his apprentice to infiltrate the school to find me. And everyone is a potential suspect, even irresistible new kid, Egon, and my old nemesis-turned-nice-guy, Mason. Fingers crossed I find the Knight before he finds me…

Name: The Red Team
Age: 16-ish
Classification: Evil Nemesis
Special Skills: Intimidation, bullying, and general nastiness.

To the outside world, they look like a nice group of athletic girls, slightly snooty, but otherwise harmless. But to the students, they are evil incarnate. The Red Team (how they got that name, I can only imagine) includes Tammy Angel, the school's beautiful, well-endowed, and totally evil head cheerleader Boot Milner, a beauty queen wannabe, top-notch runner and too-cool-for-school jerk (honestly, what kind of mother would name her child after footwear?) and Agatha Chew, captain of the Girls Track Team, another obscenely attractive yet formerly decent human recently converted to the dark side. 
Author Bio:
D. R. Rosensteel is a research consultant who had no intention of writing anything but technical papers describing his theories of metaphysical psychometry. But when a hoodied teen showed him a device that turned her thoughts into weapons, and told him about a secret society of protectors who trained her in their underground Academy, he knew her story had to be written.
He has put his research on hold to document the adventures of a girl whose face he’s never seen and whose real name he’ll never know.

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