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Blog tour: An Unexpected Sin by Sarah Ballance + guest post & giveaway

I really enjoyed author Sarah Ballance's first Sins of Salem novel, Her Wicked Sin (tour post & my review) so I had to be a part of the latest book's tour as well. For this post, we are spotlighting An Unexpected Sin and the author has a guest post for us to enjoy. Plus, there's a giveaway!

Book Title: An Unexpected Sin
Series: Sins of Salem #2
Author: Sarah Ballance
Release Date: 4/14/14
Genre: Historical Romance

Book Synopsis:

Salem, Colonial

The moment the stranger’s dark eyes meet hers, Anne Scudder’s world is immediately overthrown by chaos. That single flare of desire is immediate, driving away all notions of propriety. Instead, Anne is consumed with sinful thoughts—ones that no unmarried girl should ever have for a man who isn’t her husband…

But Josiah Cromwell is no stranger.

It’s been six years since Josiah stole kisses from Anne, his best friend’s younger sister. Six years since Josiah left after his best friend’s death, burdened by the knowledge that he was responsible for destroying Anne’s family. Now he’s returned to claim the woman he can’t live without. But even as their desire threatens to consume them both—body and soul—the dark workings of suspicion and witchcraft are afoot.

Because in Salem, too much passion can lead a woman to ruin… and condemned to death.

5 Must-See Travel Destinations

I’m fortunate to have traversed most of the United States over the course of several cross-country road trips (which have SO inspired the author in me), and while I’ve seen many of the big destinations—including Yellowstone and, from the back of a mule, the Grand Canyon—there are some other sites off the beaten path that are definitely worth a look. Ready to hit the road? Don’t miss these unforgettable stops.

  1. The Badlands, SD
I didn’t know what to expect from the Badlands, and even after we entered the park I was pretty clueless as to what awaited. Then what looked to be endless prairie fell away (literally, as in a cliff) and the most amazing landscape I’d ever seen sprawled before us. All six of my kids were at once speechless—it was that good. We didn’t see nearly enough of the badlands during our brief visit, but what we saw was jaw-dropping. Despite the fact it’s a whopping 1,800 miles from home, we are SO going back.

  1. Mt. St. Helens, WA
I visited in 1994, fourteen years after the devastating eruption that made the volcano as household name. Despite the years that had passed, the majority of the mountain remained ash gray, the trees sprawled out like matchsticks felled from the blast. The only green in sight was the manicured parking lot of the visitor’s center. One can only imagine how powerful and destructive a blast has to be to leave its mark so thoroughly more than a decade later, but it was a humbling and exceptional sight.

  1. The Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia
I vividly remember two things about our trip to Canada. One was the most amazing French onion soup I’ve ever had in my life, and the second was the Bay of Fundy. I live close to the ocean now, so I’m no stranger to the power of the water. I was stunned, however, to see so much of it (160 billion tons!) move in ONE tide cycle. Literally, there’s a huge body of water, then there’s just sand. Being able to walk so far out into the emptied bay was phenomenal, but what shocked me even more was when we turned around to discover we were apparently on a high spot and water surrounded us on all sides. We had to wade knee-deep in places to get back to shore. It’s an exhilarating feat of nature you truly have to see to appreciate.

  1. Hoh Rain Forest, WA
Did you know there was a rainforest in Washington state? I was there and couldn’t believe it. With twelve to fourteen feet of rain a year, you can imagine how lush it is. There were even brilliantly colored parrots and macaws squawking from the trees. Throw in a soft mist and filtered sunshine, and it was absolutely extraordinary.

  1. Sedona, AZ and Arches National Park, UT
These two very different places have one thing in common: unforgettable red rock formations. If you visit either one, it’s like stepping onto a different planet. The landscapes are comprised of bright, vivid reds and feature stunning archways and towering pillars that are so breathtaking it’s hard to believe they’re real. Pictures just don’t do either place justice, so if you want a truly unforgettable vacation, be sure to add these to your list of travel destinations.

Want more of my vacation photos? You can see them on my blog here. And if you really want to go somewhere, check out Salem, MA 1692 courtesy AN UNEXPECTED SIN, the newest title in my Sins of Salem series. But wait! Before you go, tell me all about your favorite travel destination. I’m SO ready to get back out there!

Author Bio:

Sarah Ballance is a multi-published author of contemporary, historical, and supernatural romance and romantic suspense. She's been married to her own romantic hero for what he calls a "long, long time" (and no, he'll never hear the end of saying that). Together they have six children ... and clearly too much time on their hands. She currently writes for Entangled and has upcoming releases from both Entangled and Samhain Publishing.

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