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Blog Tour: Everything Between Us by Mila Ferrera

Welcome to our stop on the Everything Between Us Blog Tour hosted by Xpresso Book Tours. We have our review and a giveaway. Enjoy!

Everything Between Us by Mila Ferrera 
New Adult contemporary romance 
eBook, 261 pages

Self-published, Publication date: November 5th 2013

Daniel’s got everything figured out. He makes a good living as an artist … mostly through offering “private shows” to the wives of local wealthy businessmen. He never stops playing the game and never lets anyone touch his heart. But when his current fling offers him a few hundred an hour for art lessons for her reclusive, college-dropout daughter, Daniel finds himself forgetting his own rules. The girl is rude. Insulting. Incredible.

And she sees straight through him.

Stella is hiding from the world, not because she wants to, but because crippling panic attacks await her every time she tries to live a normal life. She’s determined to push everyone–including her handsome new art teacher—away. But Daniel makes it utterly impossible. The guy is irritating. Mocking. Magnetic.

And makes her want things she knows she can never have.

What starts as a battle of wills turns into passion, where giving in means facing the things that scare them most.

About the author:
Mila Ferrera lives in New England, where she has a family and a job and does various normal, everyday things, all while plotting novels in her head. She has a passion for writing new adult/adult romance featuring psychological twists and tortured heroes. Her own psychology internship involved plenty of consultation, but alas, no sexy Swedish doctors, and her decision to make one up is what sparked her self-publishing adventures. 

She's the author of SPIRAL (available now), ONLY BETWEEN US (9/3/13), and EVERYTHING BETWEEN US (11/5/13).

Author Links: Website | Goodreads | Twitter

Daniel teaches art classes and gains favor from the rich women in town by being their boy toy. He may be a bad boy, but he's enjoying himself. Estella (Stella) is the daughter of one of his latest cougar benefactors and when he sees her inside her home (after servicing her mom), there's something about this young woman which intrigues him. In Everything Between Us the usual formula of bad boy falling for good girl gets a nice twist resulting in a satisfying and enduring read.

It may have taken me some time to actually like Daniel, but as I suspected, he did grow on me. Stella is a delightful character. Spunky, funny, and honest, she could have easily become the typical angst-filled fill-in-the-blank-with-something-topical-problem sufferer, but didn't. Her anxiety and agoraphobia was making life difficult and she was forced to quit college and go home. Her mom was a real prize, sleeping with an artist, purchasing his works, then taunting him with the promise of more money if he helped her 'sick and damaged' daughter by teaching her art. She was the epitome of the typical over the top mean rich wife and uncaring mother.

Watching Daniel deal with Stella, immediately sensing there was more to her than what her mother referred to as being "ill" (as in mentally unhinged), he grappled with his need to make a quick buck and his sense of decency and then his emotions. The longer he dealt with Stella, the more he was smitten by her spirit. There were some sexy smexy scenes between them and yet no matter how hot things got, it still couldn't clear the images of the book's opening scene between Daniel and Stella's mom. There was a certain 'yuck factor' to his 'doing business' with a certain cougar then sleeping with her daughter in the same house which stained his character for me (which resulted in my 'liking' him and not 'loving' him). Daniel's friends provided necessary support for him and I wouldn't mind seeing some of them get their own future stories.

I did feel that Stella's phobia was treated inconsistently at times, but to be fair she also suffered from anxiety which was also addressed. Author Mila Ferrera didn't have Stella become some angst-filled annoying woman for which I was grateful. Stella only grew stronger as the story progressed and I liked her love of baking. Everything Between Us was certainly an engaging read. Both main characters had to search through the layers to find their true selves and luckily, after finding each other, they had help in attaining their main goal. Their subsequent falling in love only sweetened their stories.

Rating: 3.5

Cover comment:
I get the symbolism but I'm not crazy about this cover.

Book source:
I received a promotional copy in return for my honest opinion during a blog tour.

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  1. Stella's phobia sounds very sad but also intrigues me. I love books that deal with psychological issues. The romance in this one also sounds unique. Glad you liked it, Laurie! :)