Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend Sale: Embrace Me and Notice Me by Rebecca Turley

THIS WEEKEND ONLY--Kindle version
Embrace Me by Rebecca Turley
New Adult contemporary romance
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What will happen to the girl who has everything? 

After a rough start to life, Shannon Downing finally has it all. She has her Mr. Notice Me, she has reconnected with her long-lost mother, and she is the sole heiress to a multi-billion dollar company. The only problem is going public with that information. Hidden away at a ranch in Texas at her mother’s insistence, Shannon’s world starts to crumble. Not only does she learn of Maisy Field’s kidnapping, but she hears a secret that could destroy everything and everyone she loves. What will happen when news comes out that she is the missing heiress to Downing International? Will she become the next target for the elusive kidnappers? And what about the secret she overheard? Will the love that she and Mr. Notice Me share be enough to hold them together? 

THIS WEEKEND ONLY--Kindle version
Notice Me, Book One
Purchase: Amazon | Goodreads

‘Notice Me’ is an emotional roller coaster full of money, power and love, which takes the fascinating characters on a whirlwind romantic flight of fear and fancy. 

One man wants Shannon, the heroine to notice him and with his hand written love letters she is helpless to resist. The terrible dilemma facing Shannon once she finds him is an impelling one, when she finally decides to give in to an intimidator’s threats and marry him she does it only to save the love of her life. 

Breathtakingly tense to the very end . . . 

Author Bio
Rebecca Turley lives in the captivating town of Malvern in Worcestershire with her husband Jon and cat Millie. With a view of the Malvern Hills from her writing desk, all she needs for inspiration is to look out of her window. A hopeless romantic like most women, she enjoys becoming lost in a love story almost as much as writing one. 

Embrace Me is the sequel to her debut novel Notice Me.

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