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Heavenly Hell Blog Tour: character interview and giveaway

Love reading about angels and demon? Is paranormal your thing? Then welcome to my stop on the Heavenly Hell blog tour hosted by YA Bound Book Tours. We have a character interview and there's a giveaway to enter. Click HERE to see the full blog tour schedule!

Heavenly Hell (Heavenly Hell, Book One) by Aria Williams
Release Date: 04/24/13
YA paranormal
Paperback/eBook, 253 pages
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC (August 9, 2013) 

You'd think being stuck in the body of a beautiful seventeen year old girl forever would be a gift. But when you are fallen, it is more like a curse.

Indiana was a beautiful angel, enjoying the perks of Heaven, until she was tricked by a demon to fall in love with him. She was forced to fall from Heaven and remain in her seventeen year old form, banished to Earth, for all of eternity.

Now, unable to cope with her banishment, she is a seemingly normal seventeen year old girl by day, while she spends her nights punishing men for the wrongs they have committed against women.

Although Indiana has lived on Earth for thousands of years, she recently settled into a small town, where she has finally been able to make some lasting friendships. When a handsome, mysterious boy comes to town, Indiana knows something is not right. He might end up her ally, or she might end up in the fight of her life.

Here's Book #2:
There is a new threat in town named Bernie who is has one thing on her mind, killing Indiana. Bernie has very special skills, she stalks her prey while keeping hidden in shadows, isolates her victim’s attacking them when least expected and can get into any house at any time with the occupants unaware. 

Indiana feels that no one on this earth poses a risk to herself and continues to her involvement help victims of abuse. 
Until Nate put his foot down and demands for her to stop, he feels her safety is more important.
With both Connor and Nate putting their differences aside to protect Indy, will she get through this new threat or will she unintentionally put one her friends lives at risk to satisfy her own selfish needs. Or will love prevail and save the day?

Corinna is the blonde bombshell of the group and she knows it and She loves to be the centre of attention,. But when all of your friends are hot, you need to do something a little risqué to stand out in the crowd.

Hi Corrina how are you today?
I’m fabulous of course, do you like my new boots aren’t they hot?

Yes they are nice, are you currently dating?
Yes I am dating the the hottest guy at school, his name is Mark and were pretty serious. He lucky to have a chick like me. He is the school prized footballer.

Ok than, what are you planning on doing after you finish school?
I am going into the beauty industry, I am starting an apprenticeship with my aunt as soon as school finishes. I also do some modelling on the side.

Oh, modelling, who have you done work for?
Um well I have hand modelled for my aunt to promote her acrylic nails and the local hairdressers has used my face a few times on their brochures

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
Oh that’s easy, I plan on getting work with one of the large makeup artist and working on the catwalk models. And hopefully starting my own fashion label.

That’s a pretty big dream, good luck with that!

About the Author

I am an author with Limitless Publishing who loves to write YA and paranormal romance.

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