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Blog tour: The Summer of Me & You by Rae Hachton

Title: The Summer of Me & You 
Author: Rae Hachton 
Published by: Teen Pulse 
Release Date: September 19th 2013

This is the summer of first love. The summer of magic. The Summer of Me and You. Kaleb has loved Kayleigh ever since first grade, even if he's never admitted it to anyone. Not even himself. But this summer, that's about to change.

Kaleb's had a troubled past, and Kayleigh's life has always been perfect. He'd love nothing more than to be the guy who ruins it all, and make her fall for him against her mother's wishes.

Kayleigh is a complete nerd. She's got the glasses to prove it. She just knows that a guy like Kaleb would never really want to be with a girl like her. So she's going to avoid him at all costs.

But then why do they always end up hanging out together?

When a secret that both their parents kept from them comes out, it will define the true meaning of love. But when thissummer ends, will Kaleb and Kayleigh have to say goodbye, or is this just the beginning of many more summers to come?

(From Chapter Thirteen)

He pressed me down into the flowers. Climbing atop me, he held my wrists down above my head. “I wanna do things to you, Kayleigh.” His lips were incredibly close to mine. I could smell the nicotine on him. My breath wavered. “But I know I'd never be the guy you'd choose.”

I tried to find my voice, but his piercing gaze nearly left me speechless. I quivered. “Maybe you don't know everything you think you do.”

For a moment, there was an awkward silence. His brown eyes lingered a little too long on mine, causing my pulse to race with anticipation. He was finally going to kiss me. I knew it. This was the moment. Kaleb Scheffler's lips would touch my lips.

But instead, he let me go, freeing my wrists. He moved away from me, ruining the perfect moment that was playing in my mind.

I sat up, my head spinning, the sun flaring in my eyes.

“I want to see you,” he said, “without your glasses on.”


He scooted closer. I held my breath as he reached over and gently removed them. His fingertips brushed against my face.

“God, Kayleigh,” he exhaled. We were so close to kissing. “—Your eyes are fucking gorgeous.”

I didn't know what to say, so I didn't say anything. It took a moment for my eyes to readjust because of my astigmatism. I studied his face and how perfect his jawline was. It hurt to look at him. He brought the tip of my black glasses to his lips, biting down on it with his teeth. Oh God, that was so sexy. “You should really consider getting contacts.”

I could barely think straight.

“Maybe I will when you stop smoking.”

He held my glasses out to me, twisting them. I took them from him, placing them back on my face. He rotated onto his side, digging in his pocket. He wore the same pair of jeans he always wore. He was attached to them. A stick of gum with crumpled foil paper fell out, along with a couple of quarters and dimes, a movie ticket stub, and his blue lighter. He finally found what he was looking for. A damn cigarette. Ugh.

He brought it to his lips, rested it between them. My attention always diverted to his lips. “Don't worry,” he said. “I'm not gonna smoke it. I know how much you hate it.”

I squinted my eyes. “Then what's the point?”

He ignored the question. He moved to me again, his proximity putting me on edge. If he didn't kiss me soon, I was going to explode from the inside out.

Kaleb pushed back the strands of my hair, his eyes gazing into mine. He mumbled, the cigarette still dangling in between his lips. “I don't think you should feel about a film. You should feel about a woman, not a movie. You can't kiss a movie.” He took a pretend drag of his cigarette.

“What?” I asked.

“Godard,” he said, exhaling the fake smoke.“In love—” I smiled at him, “—women are professionals, men are amateurs. Truffaut.”

He grinned, realizing I was able to keep up with him after all. Our score was even. A part of me began to think he was tempting me, seeing how far he could go. Yeah, he knew I liked him. He wanted me to give in first, to kiss him first. But oh no, I wasn't going to. Kaleb would definitely lose at this.

“Looks like I'll be the amateur. I can live with that.” Pretending to be mildly insulted, he said, “You shouldn't underestimate me though.”
Never,” I mocked.

He stood to his feet. Yanking the cigarette out of his mouth, he walked backwards, keeping his eyes on me. “You're right, you know.”

“About what?” I gazed up at him.

“Maybe I should quit. It'd be worth it.”

I smiled.

Kaleb flicked his cigarette into the bush, glowing the whole way home.

About the author:
Rae Hachton writes Dark Romanticism-sometimes with gears and clockwork. Has cemetery obsession. Misses Victorian London andancient Rome. Believes in vampires and magic. If imaginary, she would be an automaton fairy. Corvidophile. Content.

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