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The Last Keeper’s Daughter blog tour: excerpt, review and giveaway

The Last Keeper’s Daughter by Rebecca Trogner
Paranormal series
Paperback/eBook, 300 pages
Published February 15th 2013 by Crescent Moon Press 
(first published February 10th 2013)
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Born into old money, Lily Ayres lives at Waverly, her family’s estate situated at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Paris, Virginia. She is a strange, small, almost mute, young woman who has no idea that her father has given her to the Vampire King Krieger. Walter Ayres is the King’s Keeper and part of a secret society of historians who unearth, preserve, and attempt to understand relics of long forgotten civilizations. 

Lily has never felt comfortable in the human world, but after she suspiciously falls down a flight of stone steps, and is healed and claimed by Krieger, she realizes there is another world. In this Other Realm she feels a sense of belonging, and begins to untwine the mysterious event which left her mentally and psychologically damaged. When Walter disappears in England, Lily works with human and supernatural beings to uncover his whereabouts. With each new discovery, she is pulled deeper into the vortex of magic, intrigue, and dark desires that permeates the supernatural world. The revelations revealed unfold a story of deception and betrayal that threaten to tear the thin veil between the supernatural and human world asunder.

Exclusive Excerpt:

“Sire.” Merlin bowed low. “I took the liberty of starting this evening’s refreshments flowing.”

Krieger had showered and changed before arriving in the main hall to receive his subjects. He was a vampire who liked the clothes of this century and wore a silk shirt with black slacks. His one concession to his time was the sword strapped to his back, a gladius, which had served him well these many centuries. It wasn’t that he felt he’d need to use the weapon, but on formal occasion within his court, he liked to remind his subjects that he was their ruler for a reason.

He took the blood drink from Merlin, sipping it slowly while he walked through the cavernous hall. Here and there were Roman marble statues with eyes, hair, flesh, and clothes meticulously painted.

The room stretched out in every direction and appeared to go on indefinitely. This level was for his subjects to revel in the power and wealth of their kingdom, much like the great cathedrals of old.

Before leaving his chambers, he’d received a communiqué from the Elder. He and his entourage would arrive at dawn. The Elder rarely traveled. To have him come here, well, it did not bode well.

“Merlin, prepare accommodations for the Elder.”

“Of course,” Merlin said without emotion.

“Did you foresee this?”

“The Elder won’t stay long.”

Krieger stopped.

“And your brother arrives soon,” Merlin added.

“Henry, here?”

Merlin ran his hand down the ornate robe he wore for ceremonial occasions. “Strange, his arrival at such a time.”

“We live in strange times.”

About the author:

Rebecca Trogner lives in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia, and frequently crosses the Blue Ridge Mountains that were the inspiration for Krieger’s home. She always dreamed of being a writer, but got sidetracked by the day-to-day adventures of life. With the encouragement of her family, she has finished her first novel and is currently writing the next book in The Last Keeper’s Daughter series. Rebecca lives with her husband and stepson, and a rescue dog named Giblet. To find out more about the author visit

Twitter: @RTrogner | Website | Blog

The Last Keeper's Daughter by Rebecca Trogner is an intriguing paranormal read. A vast array of otherworldly creatures are introduced along with one young woman who is part human, part something other. This woman is Lily and she is trying to piece together her past to better understand what's going on with herself and why the 'Others' are so attracted to her. Vampire King Kreiger makes a promise to her father, also the last keeper to the King, to watch over his daughter. Kreiger does, making her his bonded blood mate. 

Interestingly enough, it is this blood bond they share which irritates Lily with her modern day feminine sensibilities. Having her own money, she doesn't want to be tied to any man or made his property and Kreiger is quite old-fashioned (at over 2,000 years old, I guess he would be). There is an attraction Lily cannot fight but she does hold off into giving in. I didn't find much romance here with the focus on solving the mysteries at hand. The tale is told from the third person perspectives of Lily and a detective who is brought into this world by the Elder. 

The mysteries will keep readers invested as a new world of supernatural creatures is unveiled. Who or what is murdering the keepers and wants to hurt Lily? Who is the beautiful man Lily has dreams of? What exactly is Lily? And who is Nina? Not all of these questions will be answered, setting up an interesting plot to encompass this new series. I did not connect with the characters, especially Lily who I found distant and cold, but I did enjoy the detective's perspective and liked Kreiger, Lucien and Liam. Paranormal fans looking for a new series will want to check out The Last Keeper's Daughter.

Rating: 3 I liked it.

Cover comment:
This book plays a role in the story as does the red ribbon with the key so it's an appropriate cover image.

Book source:
I received a promotional copy from the author in return for my honest review during a book tour.

Rebecca will be awarding a $50 Amazon Gift Card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the betteryour chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here.

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