Friday, August 30, 2013

Cover reveal: Wings of Memory by Anna Kyss

We are fans of author Anna Kyss. We loved the first book in The Underground Trilogy, Wings of Shadow, and we're thrilled to present the second book's cover. Here it it! 
This is Wings of Memory.

Wings of Memory (The Underground Trilogy #2) by Anna Kyss
Expected publication: September 2013

Kiernan leaves his homeland, hoping to unlock the secrets that could save his people from extinction. But the path to answers is fraught with danger. He never imagines what lay hidden in the Costa Rican rainforest. 

Shortly after arriving, Kiernan encounters the human girl that he spent months yearning for. Kiernan must decide between his love for Meghan and his budding loyalty to his brother, Avery. He tries to place his brother first, until faced with an impossible decision.

Kiernan needs to tap into magic to save his people. The only problem: unleashing his magic involves breaking his vow to his brother. What if the only way to help Avery is to choose Meghan?

Book One of The Underground Trilogy: Wings of Shadow

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