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Untimed blog tour: spotlight and First Chapter review

Welcome to our stop--the very first stop on the Untimed blog tour. Come along and join Andy Gavin, author of the Young Adult Time Travel/Adventure novel, Untimed, as he tours the blogosphere July 1 - July 26, 2013. This book tour is presented by Pump Up Your Book!

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Untimed by Andy Gavin
YA steampunk, time travel
Paperback/eBook, 325 pages
Published December 17th 2012 by Mascherato

Charlie's the kind of boy that no one notices. Hell, his own mother can't remember his name. So when a mysterious clockwork man tries to kill him in modern day Philadelphia, and they tumble through a hole into 1725 London, Charlie realizes even the laws of time don't take him seriously. Still, this isn't all bad. Who needs school when you can learn about history first hand, like from Ben Franklin himself. And there's this girl... Yvaine... another time traveler. All good. Except for the rules: boys only travel into the past and girls only into the future. And the baggage: Yvaine's got a baby boy and more than her share of ex-boyfriends. Still, even if they screw up history -- like accidentally let the founding father be killed -- they can just time travel and fix it, right? But the future they return to is nothing like Charlie remembers. To set things right, he and his scrappy new girlfriend will have to race across the centuries, battling murderous machines from the future, jealous lovers, reluctant parents, and time itself. 

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Andy Gavin is an unstoppable storyteller who studied for his Ph.D. at M.I.T. and founded video game developer Naughty Dog, Inc. at the age of fifteen, serving as co-president for two decades. There he created, produced, and directed over a dozen video games, including the award winning and best selling Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter franchises, selling over 40 million units worldwide. He sleeps little, reads novels and histories, watches media obsessively, travels, and of course, writes. His latest book is the young adult time travel novel, Untimed. Visit his website at

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First Chapter Review

This is my first ever First Chapter Review and it has been fun!

Humorous. Touching. Different. Intense. I'm impressed with the amount of information author Andy Gavin reveals in the first chapter of his YA time travel novel, Untimed. Charlie sounds as though he's utterly forgettable. Even his mother can't remember what his name is. His dad and his Aunt Sophie are always away, returning to see him twice a year. At school, the teachers look puzzled as they call his name during roll call. At a track meet, he wins but another kid walks away with the prize. Charlie, our first person narrator, tells us he's used to it. Makes him a sympathetic character but his matter-of-fact tone implies there's something else going on with him. He wants to know what his dad really does when he goes on his trips with Sophie. Even his aunt tells her brother to let Charlie know. His father says to wait. When the doorbell rings and Charlie hears voices, he sees his mother talking to the police. One detective in a blue suit and bowler hat stands out. They treat Charlie as if he isn't there. So what else is new?

Time passes, his dad is gone again, and Charlie's on a class trip to Independence Park. He wanders around the locale and spots a familiar man leaving the hall. A man in a blue suit. Here is where we see how determined Charlie is. He's fed up with not knowing what's going on. Why his father wants him to read historical books. Why people can't remember him. Why a detective has a clock inside his chest.

This first chapter is truly captivating. There is such a jump in time and I know a lot about Charlie but I suspect there's a lot more to this teen boy and his action at the chapter's end is just the beginning to what I believe is a fascinating and unique tale of adventure. Charlie has an infectious voice with just the right amount of snark (his "Mr. Timex" comment made me laugh out loud) and I want to know more about him. Fast-paced and engaging, the cipher writing adds to the mystery and his knowledge from those history books he's read can only help him in his quest.

After reading the first chapter of Untimed, it's time to check out the rest of this book. Sounds wonderful!

Now it's your turn! 
Go here and read the First Chapter of Untimed.

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