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Evernight Teen's Summer Kick-Off Blog Hop

Welcome to Evernight Teen’s Summer 

Kick-off Blog Hop!

It’s a great opportunity to get to know Evernight Teen: Gritty Fiction for Today’s Young Adult. Our stories are include fresh teen fiction that’s raw, gritty and real. 

Reader Girls' spotlight is on Stephanie Lawton’s SHRAPNEL:
It’s been six years since Dylanie and her family visited a Civil War site and the place came alive with cannon fire. Problem was, no one could hear it but her. 

Now she’s sixteen, her dad’s moved out, her mom’s come out of the closet and Dylan’s got a spot on Paranormal Teen, a reality TV show filming at historic Oakleigh Mansion. She’ll spend a weekend with two other psychic teens—Jake and Ashley—learning how to control her abilities. 

None of them realized how much their emotional baggage would put them at the mercy of Oakleigh’s resident spirits, or that they’d find themselves pawns in the 150-year-old battle for the South’s legendary Confederate gold. Each must conquer their personal ghosts to face down Jackson, a seductive spirit who will do anything to protect the gold’s current location and avenge a heinous attack that destroyed his family.

14+ for brief violence and sexuality

Exclusive excerpt:

Riley’s in the parlor whispering to the cameraman sporting a ponytail. “Jake, are you all settled in? I thought we’d talk a little about your abilities and what you’d like to get out of this weekend. You didn’t seem inclined to share with the group earlier, but I hope you’ll talk to me one-on-one.”

“Seriously?” I glance at the giant camera guy, who reminds me of the wrestler Triple H.

Riley cuts to the chase.

“I sense a bit of attitude from you. Most empaths are the opposite. Care to explain why you fight your nature?”

“Yeah, my nature. That’s what landed me here this weekend. After my third suspension this year, Mom decided I needed an intervention to straighten out my nature.”


“Don’t know. Don’t know how to do anything else. If I don’t put up, like, a barrier, I can’t stop the emotions.”

“Tell me about your diagnosis.”

“Which one?” It’s still a kick to the nuts to talk about this. You want to break a kid? Take him to doctor after doctor, each one talking like he’s not in the room, each one telling his parents a variation of your kid’s fucked up. “When I was six, they thought I was autistic. I stared at nothing and shut down when I picked up too many emotions. When I was ten, they told my mom I was mentally retarded with psychotic tendencies. Last year, after my sixteenth birthday shitstorm, they said I was schizophrenic.”

“What happened on your birthday?”

Riley knows the answer. This is all back-story for the cameras. They made me talk about it when Mom contacted the show. Paranormal Teen: 2; Jake’s nuts: 0.

“Couple of my friends took me out for pizza and wings. I thought we were going bowling after that, but there was a league that had the whole place shut down. So they went to Plan B. They tied a blindfold over my eyes and didn’t take it off until we stopped. At a movie theater.”

Riley puckers his lips. “That sounds like a normal night out for teenagers.”

I bark out a bitter laugh. “Yeah, unless you’re an empath. I don’t even watch TV.”

“And why is that?”

“It’s not just people and animals. Shows bother me, too. It’s like I’m a freaking TV. The satellite beams the signal to my head. I mean, I cry at Hallmark commercials. I once put my fist through the wall while watching ultimate fighting. Disney movies—especially the ones with dogs—they make me suicidal.”

Riley nods. He’s not patronizing me. I feel his sincerity.

“Jake, what happened at the movie theater?”

I soak up Riley’s calmness. It lets me admit what happened that night.

“I went bat-shit crazy.” 

SHRAPNEL is an Evernight Teen EDITOR’ PICK!

Shrapnel is available here!

What’s up for grabs?
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  1. The Shows bother her too. wendynjason04 at gmail dot com
    Thank you for posting!

  2. TV makes her emotional!

  3. "Shows bother me, too."


  4. Because shows bother her,and make her emotional

  5. Thanks so much for featuring Shrapnel! (And see you again on the 24th!) ;)

  6. Shows bother her-- it’s like she's a TV. The satellite beams the signal to her head.

    Thanks for the amazing excerpt & giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com
    GFC: BookAttict

  7. shows bother her

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  8. Because being able to feel the emotions from TV is too much. The emotions can make the person go crazy be it sad, happy, or in the case that got them in some sort of trouble here, the movies can make them go "bat-shit crazy".

    Oh how I want to read this book. The little bit that is up there was just enough to really make me want to know more and make me curious. It was the absolutely perfect amount to give to hook a future reader. Brilliant! Now, I must have it. To the must have list it has gone. Thank you for that share.

    Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway and I hope everyone has a super day/night.

    Shelly H

  9. She doesn't watch t.v. because shows bother her and make her emotional.
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  10. She does not watch TV because shows bother her,and make her emotional.

    Thank You. (:

  11. Jake's an empath and the shows bother her.


  12. Looks fantastic! Love the sound of this one! Thank you!! She doesnt like tv because the shows bother her. Thanks!