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YA book review: Faustine (Bonfire Chronicles #1) by Imogen Rose

Faustine (Bonfire Chronicles #1) by Imogen Rose
YA paranormal*Paperback/eBook, 332 pages
Published March 1st 2011 by Imogen Rose

Who is Faustine? When Faustine Spencer was five years old, she discovered a secret that changed her life forever. At twelve, her parents sent her to Bonfire Academy in Switzerland to ensure that she received the training needed to control her increasing powers.

Three years later, Faustine returns to Manhattan. All she wants is to be a typical teenager, at least, one that’s part of the in-crowd at her Upper East Side High School. When drop-dead gorgeous Ryker, her long-time crush from the Academy, finally notices her, she couldn’t be happier.

However, her desire for a normal life is shattered when her father, a prominent sovereign, disappears after naming her as his successor. Her siblings begin to disappear, and Faustine finds herself in the midst of a power struggle. With her life in danger, Faustine must learn to follow one of Bonfire Academy’s most important rules: Trust no one.

Faustine reminded me of a paranormal Gossip Girl. She's a wealthy teen attending a posh Switzerland school, and just after she returns home to Manhattan her father is kidnapped. Since this is a paranormal we know Faustine isn't a full human, she's a hybrid mix of half human/half demon and with dad missing she's next in line to rule. Rule? She hasn't even finished high school. When her father's other heirs--her related step brothers and sisters--begin to get murdered, Faustine has more to deal with than learning how to rule. She has to stay alive.

Faustine is a well written novel. It may appeal to the younger YA crowd more with all of Faustine's designer label dropping and immature ways. She does find time to fall for a guy named Ryker and this is classic insta-love. She's kissing the guy before she even knows anything about him (besides thinking he's hot). This relationship happened way too quickly and I wondered about her mother's lack of parental supervision. I thought we needed to know more about her educational background and what type of training she received at Bonfire Academy. We're thrown into her life as she returns home from school and there was a lack of foundation. Even though she's not supposed to trust anyone, she lets down her guard and trusts Ryker. As the demon princess learns the ropes of ruling her people, she has the mystery to solve of who is murdering her relatives and why. 

The cast of secondary characters was well created and the story's pace was constant. For a paranormal there were some nice surprises in the worldbuilding and Faustine did grow on me. Since Faustine is the first book in the Bonfire Chronicles, I'm curious about the other books.

Rating: 3

Cover comment:
For a girl who is so materialistic, I expected a 'flashier' cover.

Book source:
I received a promotional copy in return for my honest review.

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