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Surrender (The Ferryman and the Flame #1) Book Blitz

on April 24th and April 25th!

Surrender (The Ferryman and the Flame #1) by Rhiannon Paille
YA fantasy
Paperback/eBook, 402 pages
Published October 2nd 2012 by CreateSpace (first published October 6th 2011)

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How far would you go to save everything you ever loved? 

Kaliel was warned about her love for the Ferryman. One day he will marry the land and leave Avristar forever. She doesn't listen, and because of what she is-- a Flame-- one of nine apocalyptic weapons, she sparks a war. In a desperate attempt to save her home and her love, Kaliel tries to awaken Avred, not knowing she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Krishani tried to turn away, escape into the courtyards, but as the dance floor cleared, Kaliel came into view. She was a vision. She wore a deep purple linen gown that clung to her body and a purple mask edged with silver tear drops. She twirled with the last of the kinfolk and her white hair danced around her. She smiled and laughed, but when she saw him, she stopped, letting her hands drop from those of the kinfolk. She nodded for them to go to the tables and ran her hands down her dress, trying to smooth out imaginary wrinkles. As the song hit a sorrowful lull she stepped towards him. 

“Krishani.” She sounded surprised and confused. 

Krishani searched the crowds beyond her for Benir. The scent of her was like freshly-cut herbs and grass and apples. Beautiful, he thought. Knots formed in his stomach as he longed to pull her into his embrace. He knew she would protest. “I apologize. I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“It’s fine,” she said. Her eyes had a pleading look to them, like she wanted something else but couldn’t say it. Krishani thought she must have seen the Brotherhood arrive. They were intimidating with their full robes and ignorant attitudes. 

Krishani let out a sigh. He knew how much it might hurt, but he couldn’t take the tension any longer. He wanted to hold her closer, to smell her hair, and to feel her body pressed up against his. “Would you . . .” he began. 

She stared at him, curious, her green eyes meeting his. They were cloudy and full of despair. 

Krishani let out a nervous sigh as he took her eyes in. He cleared his throat and tried again. “Would you like to dance?” 

She glanced over at the kinfolk at the tables. Krishani followed her gaze. One of the elvens had her hands full with them and none of them seemed to be paying attention to her. She took a deep breath. “Aye.” 

He caught her hand and pulled her into his embrace, rocking back and forth to the song. At first she was inches away from him, but as the song swelled he found himself against her tight, her head buried in his chest. It seemed so natural that everything but her faded away. Whatever the Brotherhood would say didn’t matter to him. He only hoped it was the same for her, that her kinfolk wouldn’t notice her dancing.  Krishani carefully moved his feet in a small circle as the song reached its climax. The only question he wanted to ask pounded at the front of his mind. 


“I’m afraid,” she whispered as though he had spoken his thoughts aloud. Krishani wound his fingers through her hair, caressing her neck and sliding them down her back. He wanted the moment to last forever. The song neared its end, the notes dwindling down. He opened his eyes and pulled. As the last notes were struck, he twirled her under his arm once and dropped her hand. 

She pulled back and took a wide step away from him. “Thank you,” she said with a wan smile. 

Krishani went to speak, but she turned and fled towards the lower west wing. He looked to his right to see the elven girl staring at him with a fiery blaze. He passed it off and looked towards the exit. Benir had taken off in that direction, the Brotherhood’s table was on the other side of the fountain. He took a deep breath and walked towards the west wing, determined to face Kaliel in private. 

Justice (The Ferryman and the Flame #2)
by Rhiannon Paille
YA fantasy
Paperback/eBook, 401 pages
Published April 2nd 2013 (first published January 22nd 2013)

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How far would you go to destroy yourself?

Krishani always knew he would have to go to the Lands of Men, but he never thought it would be like this. Enemies everywhere, an ancestor he can't respect, elders he can't trust, a curse he can't stop and friends he can't help but hate. Desperate to end the pain, he sets out on a quest to find the other Flames and face the enemy that took everything from him.

Pux frowned. “Can you tell me something?” He didn’t know where to begin. Atara said nothing. “I thought I saw her eyes change color. She said she was a Flame, but I’ve never heard of them before.”

Atara hung her head. “The Flames are what the Valtanyana want. They are unlike any other being Across the Stars. Each one is created differently. Kaliel was the Amethyst Flame, one of the most important, from what lore has to say about her.”

Pux’s eyes widened. “You mean there are volumes about her?” He never ventured into the library in Orlondir. He never had a reason to read, but if there were books about her, he would read every day for the rest of his life. 

Atara shook her head. “Their lore is kept in the Great Library with Kemplan. Even I was not aware she was a Flame. Not until it was too late.”

Pux’s heart dropped. All memory of her was being erased and there was nothing he could do to hang onto the pieces of her that lingered. One day she would be distant in his mind. He feared what life would be like years from now when he was an Elder, and she was still dead. 

“I think I’ll go to the orchards,” Pux said. He drifted down the corridor towards the courtyard and Atara didn’t follow him. 

“Seek Grimand. He will be leaving for Evennses soon.”

Pux gritted his teeth and turned to face Atara. “I don’t need him to return to Evennses.”

She sighed. “You cannot walk alone, it will take you days.” 

His emotions unwound as he became angrier and sadder at the same time. “Kaliel would understand. How can I return to the forest when every tree reminds me of her? When we lived in the same house, ate the same food, played in the same trees? Knowing she was alive and well in Orlondir was all that made it bearable. Even the Great Oak thinks I’m invalid. How do you expect me to return without her?”

Atara hunched her shoulders. “Be patient.” 

Pux stared at her with disbelief. For all of his new found knowledge she still treated him as though he was completely unworthy. His mouth dropped open, but he had no words to say. He clenched his fist tight and thought about the orchard. “If all I am to you is useless, I’m better off invisible.” He turned and vanished. 

Vulture (The Ferryman and the Flame #3)
by Rhiannon Paille
YA fantasy
Expected publication: June 25th 2013

How far would you go to betray everything you've ever known?

Kaliel didn't think second chances came with this much turmoil. Exiled from her home, surrounded by strangers and in love with a boy she barely recognizes, she can't take it. She has her best friend, a new mentor, and a chance to win the war against the Valtanyana, but it's all wrong. Desperate to salvage some semblance of her former life, she makes a deal that shatters everything.

“Are you afraid of the Horsemen?” the little girl asked. Kaliel didn’t look at her, but she nodded in response. “You should be. Morgana brought them.” Her voice was syrupy sweet. 

Kaliel carefully lifted her head from her knees. The little girl’s eyes knifed into her, crackling with jagged lines of lightning. The Horsemen kicked dust into Kaliel’s eyes and she recoiled, blinking rapidly, tears streaming down her cheeks. 

“Why did she bring them?” Kaliel asked, scowling at the girl. Blood dripped off the little girl’s hands. She held them palms to the sky, like offering the blood to the stars. 

“Because she’s coming for him,” she said.

“Who is she?”

The little girl smirked. “She’s me of course.”

There was a loud gust of wind and Kaliel fell on her hands and knees as laughter erupted from the little girl. The sour sound of chimes rose into the tornado of brambles and dust. It pierced Kaliel’s ears with the fortitude of a thousand bells ringing all at once. The sound made her cover her ears, trying to muffle the noise. “What do you want?” she shouted through gritted teeth. Her hands splayed across either side of her head to protect her eyes from the threat of the thorns but it was no use. They whipped her body with needles, the fresh scent of blood rising into the air as her skin broke open. 

“I want him.” 

About the author: Rhiannon Paille
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Rhiannon writes about things that were lost and while most of her books are fictional you can be sure that her characters are not—fictional that is. She has a PhD in Metaphysical Science and is a world renowned Metaphysical Therapist. When she’s not writing books she’s reading minds, singing karaoke, burning dinner and sipping iced cappuccino despite her allergy to coffee. Some day she’d like to own a unicorn—as long as it doesn’t eat her. SURRENDER is her first novel.

Rhiannon put together a grand prize for ONE lucky international winner, to be drawn on April 26th. The prize is 2 signed paperback copies ofSURRENDER + JUSTICE.
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