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Book review: A Tale of Two Goblins (Dulcie O'Neil #2) by H.P. Mallory

A Tale of Two Goblins (Dulcie O'Neil #2) by H.P. Mallory
Paranormal romance*Paperback/eBook, 246 pages
Published February 26th 2012 by Createspace (first published March 21st 2011)

Dulcie O’Neil is a fairy working in law enforcement for the netherworld. When knight Vander approaches her with a case regarding comatose victims, she agrees to help him, imagining the most difficult part will be combatting her attraction to him.

But, what Dulcie isn’t betting on is the fact that the case becomes personal when she learns all the victims are somehow linked to her.

When her best friend falls victim to the Dreamstalker, Dulcie must do everything in her power to ensure her friend’s survival, including associating with criminals and accepting the fact that desperate times do definitely call for desperate measures.

Dulcie O'Neil is a fictional character I'll support and back every time because she's established a certain amount of trust in me the reader. I really enjoyed her first story, To Kill A Warlock, (my review) and was glad to return to her zany world. The story line was refreshing and imaginative. A Dreamstalker attacking people while they slept. How or who can one investigate that kind of crime? Dulcie, of course.

We learn more about Dulcie but not much more about the Loki. Dulcie's a freelancer and works for the ANC. She delves into solving who or what the Dreamstalker is and how to stop it when her best friend, witch Sam, is attacked and left in a comatose state. Our favorite fairy's love and dedication to Sam is admirable and touching. It was a treat to see Dulcie vulnerable this time around. 

What an assortment of characters in this series. I was happy to see Trey receive more of a role in this outing. I always enjoy Dulcie's verbal sparring and foreplay with hunky Knight--I really saw her heart when it comes to Quillan and her sexy Knight turned rogue bad boy (the night club scene between them left me choked up). I also laugh over Dulcie's cat and mouse escapades with vampire Bram who is now sporting some sweet speed ever since he celebrated his 300th birthday. 

I did find so many men going after Dulcie a bit distracting from the main story line and I wasn't sure about the need for a dog. A Tale of Two Goblins is light, paranormal fun with a touch of romance and mystery. There's something to entertain every reader.

Rating: 4

Cover comment:
These covers establish a quick identifying brand for the author and besides, they're cute and convey the fun to be found on the pages.

Book source:
I received a promotional copy in return for my honest review.

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