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Book review: My Lady Mage by Alexis Morgan

My Lady Mage (Warriors of the Mist #1) by Alexis Morgan
High fantasy romance*Paperback and e-book, 316 pages
Published July 3rd 2012 by Signet Eclipse

A cursed destiny. A band of warriors. And one troubled kingdom.

It is whispered in Agathia that the legendary warriors of the mist—cursed by the gods—can be summoned only when a champion is needed and the cause is just. Gideon, their captain, knows this to be the one path that will lead his men to redemption—lest they face an eternity of damnation.

Years have passed since anyone has journeyed to the river's edge, but times are desperate. Oppressed by a cruel guardian whose dark magic threatens to destroy her people, the beautiful and courageous Merewen calls upon the bespelled warriors. In Gideon she finds more than a champion, and in his arms, more than protection. However, their enemies are fighting with a power darker than anything than they imagined, and should Gideon fail, she will lose everything she holds dear—including her heart.

When a high fantasy is well written, the reader doesn't doesn't wonder, isn't perplexed, has no need to stop for anything--the power of the words, the unveiling mystery, the convincing characters and plot captures the reader and keeps her enthralled. Such was my experience with My Lady Mage, the first book in the Warriors of the Mist series.

Author Alexis Morgan had me from the opening scene as Lady Merewen makes her way to the river and the proper spot to proceed with her incantation. So descriptive, everything fell in place for me as the five warriors of the mist were released from their watery hibernation and stepped forward, ready to serve the one 'champion' the gods deemed worthy of awakening them. Captain Gideon  and his soldiers, Kane, Murdoch, Averil and Duncan arise and Merewen explains she wants to help her people get out from under greedy uncle's command. The Captain listens and intently watches her as she speaks and then agrees to help. 

Merewen has an ability to 'speak' to horses and the warriors take this as a sign. The avatars the warriors carry on their shields are unique and I loved this awesome concept of calling something forward to help, something which becomes a part of you. So cool. The story was engaging and I enjoyed every aspect of it. The world building was thorough and aptly described enabling me to quickly visualize scenes from a cabin in the woods to a battle and her uncle's castle. High fantasy meets romance and I'm a fan of both. Will Merewen and Gideon pursue their feelings for each other?

I'm so taken with this first book I can't wait to grab a copy of Her Knight's Quest, the second title in the series.

Rating: 4

Cover comment:
I really like the Lady on the horse, the moonlight, and that bird flying (wonder who that is).

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  1. Oh, this sounds awesome. I'm definitely going to check this series out. Great review!