Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book review: Haunted Ground: Ghost Photos from the Gettysburg Battlefield

Haunted Ground: Ghost Photos from the Gettysburg Battlefield
by Hollister Ann Grant, Jack Grant (Photographer)
Genre: Non fiction
Format: Kindle Edition, 45 pages
Published (first published July 4th 2011)

Ghost photos and stories from the Gettysburg battlefield. See Uncle Orb, the incredible "fried egg" photos, mysterious mists, and other ghostly images from the American Civil War's bloodiest battlefield. The author includes her firsthand experience in the infamous Triangular Field, where local legend says a ghost tampers with cameras and video equipment.

The book provides detailed directions to each location, a summary of what happened there during the battle, and travel information about the town and the Gettysburg National Military Park.

Haunted Ground: Ghost Photos from the Gettysburg Battlefield is a novella featuring photos by Jack Grant, the late husband of Hollister Ann Grant who has written little stories and explanations to accompany the pictures he took around Gettysburg. There are also directions to the sites for those who care to visit. Speckles and flecks are not necessarily the orbs of ghosts so commenting on the pictures is speculative. As for the stories, they're simply interesting tidbits. This gathering of photos and words reads like an homage to her husband which is sweet and may have been better left as something private for family members or to be handed out as a pamphlet to tourists of the battle ground. As a paranormal fan and ghost hunting buff, I'm not convinced by these pictures.

I can't put a rating on someone's personal pictures and experiences.

Book source:
I received a promotional copy from the author in return for my honest opinion.

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