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Book review: Silent Echoes (Game of Zeus, Book Two) by Aimee Laine

Silent Echoes (Games of Zeus #2) by Aimee Laine
Paranormal*Paperback/eBook, 338 pages
Published March 11th 2013 by J. Taylor Publishing

For years, Ian Sands has enjoyed his life as a bachelor, taking advantage of singlehood and exploring his own definition of passion—whoever she may be. Blonde. Brunette. Tall. Short. Hot. Not. Five months ago, all that changed. 

Ian’s been celibate, frustrated and desperately seeking answers to why one woman, who doesn’t play by girls’ rules, haunts his every waking moment. 

As a renovations specialist, Taylor Marsh lives, works and breathes construction—a profession her southern belle of a mother would rather Taylor not touch. The same goes for Ian; Mama Marsh would never approve of him. 

Like Ian, though, each time he and Taylor draw near, something compels her to get closer. 

Something else tells her to run away. 


As much as their histories suggest they shouldn’t be together, neither Taylor nor Ian can deny the pull, and the two succumb, indulging in a relationship that brings pleasure to body, mind and soul. 

Doing so, though, also ushers in a series of events both should have foreseen as well as one final outcome neither expected.

"Tripp may have wanted Ian to research Tanner Meadows, but Ian needed to know why, how and what force had tatooed him with a mark that matched the woman who plagued his dreams, his life, his very soul."

There are some books which take me by complete surprise. I begin reading not knowing anything about the story and something draws me in. Silent Echoes actually grabbed me with its opening scene and kept a firm hold on me throughout. What an enthralling read.

This story is part paranormal with people who have powers, mythological with references to Zeus and game playing, fantastical with tree of life tattoos, spiritual with the reincarnation angle and a good helping of humor. Taylor is a Southern girl, Ian is from New York, and when they meet at a wedding, neither can forget the other. They don't see each other again for months but when they do, that niggling feeling is back. The more time they spend together, the stronger the feeling they know each other/need to be together gets. 

There's a lot going on in this story. Suffice it to say Taylor has some serious skills, Ian relies on his senses and knowledge, and there's this mystery of how they know about each other from previous lives. Along their journey, there are arrests, revelations, discoveries, admissions, separation and a growing love between two people which cannot be denied, even by the power of a Greek god. 

"A hero and his soul mate.
The Prince and the rescued princess.
"Ian?" Taylor asked.
Tangled emotions forced themselves to the surface. "Yeah?" he asked.
She didn't tear her gaze away as he expected, but held tight, thoughts seeming to formulate in her eyes.
By no means a pateint man, Ian broke their temporary muteness. "When you touched my arm at Tripp's wedding, did you ... feel something?"
He had to know. The question had weighed on him since that moment.
Taylor's big blue eyes blinked once, though her expression remained calm and serene--except for the bags etching deep lines beneath them. After what seemed an interminable amount of time, she said, "Yes."

It is hard to talk about Silent Echoes without giving too much away. I thoroughly enjoyed the story even though I did not read the first book in this series (I wasn't aware of it at the time and now I want to). There was enough background given so I could understand. Author Aimee Laine has a wonderful style of writing. She gives the reader what they need to know and makes her characters stand out.   There was an amazing cast of characters, from the leading figures of Taylor and Ian, Tripp, his wife and sister-in-law, Ian's family, a trio of men from Taylor's past and others. The dialogue was crisp, the fantastical touches held my interest, and the twists kept me reading up late into the night. I've read stories about reincarnation but Laine has created something fresh, invigorating and unique here.

Silent Echoes has so much going for it--paranormal abilities, mythological mysteries, and an unconventional romance featuring a couple which defines the term "soul mates." I can't say I've read anything quite like this novel and that's a good thing. A very good thing. Highly recommended.
Rating: 4

Cover comment:
I like the photo but it doesn't do the story justice.

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I received a promotional copy from the publisher in return for my honest opinion.

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