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3 Sides to a Circle blog tour: review & giveaway

Welcome to our stop on the 3 Sides of a Circle blog tour by Jolene Perry and Janna Watts hosted by YA Bound. Click HERE to see the rest of the blog tour schedule.

3 Sides to a Circle by Jolene Perry and Janna Watts
New Adult contemporary romance*Release Date: 02/25/13
Paperback/e-book, 205 pages
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Love is the ultimate rush.

Freshman year of college isn't easy. But with a friend like Libby Patterson, it is unforgettable.

Libby is honest and fearless and adorable. She's the girl on campus that everyone knows. The life of every party. Infectious and addictive, Libby captivates all those around her. Particularly her roommate Honor and their boy bestie Toby.

But three isn't always a magic number. And there's more to this trio than what everyone sees.

When Honor finds herself falling for an artist, and Libby doesn’t approve, and Toby finds himself watching Libby more than he should...the sides of their circle become strained.

The three are suddenly stretched between friendship, love and taking sides. They must fight to hold on to each other. But the tighter the hold, the harder it gets. Especially when Libby's unpredictability turns dangerous. Now it's up to Honor and Toby to save her from the downward spiral that could break their circle for good.

Author Bios:
Jolene Perry
Jolene wears juvenile T-shirts, worn-out Chucks, and eats too much chocolate. She makes up words, drinks Shirley Temples, and suffocates a little without her iPod. 

Janna Watts
Writer. Pen name abuser. Rule breaker. Trouble maker. Corrupter of youth. in books

When one goes away to college and doesn't know anyone, life can be lonely. 3 Sides To A Circle explores this loneliness as freshman Honor meets her new roommate, Libby, and Toby, a guy from their dorm. The three become fast friends. Honor is the quiet, uptight pretty girl, withdrawn from her experiences as a model and not wanting to be objectified. Libby is a free spirit, zany, loud, fun and intense. Toby looks like a cute nerd and hides behind a business major he doesn't want. Their first semester is a roller coaster ride of new friendships, unrequited feelings, blossoming romance and life on campus.

Behind the usual turmoil and changes of adjusting to life on one's own as college students, Honor and Toby have to adjust to life with Libby. They notice she has good days and then there are the bad ones. Yet, they don't really complain since Libby draws them out of themselves and they have fun with her. Until Honor meets Sawyer, a senior and painter. They hit it off and he treats her differently from other guys who like her for her looks. Sawyer doesn't 'get' her relationship with Libby and Toby and after the trio gets into trouble, Sawyer distances himself from Honor. For this quiet girl, his absence begins to change her, just as Libby's friendship has. 

3 Sides To A Circle is sweet, funny, and touches upon some of the basic things college students go through their first year away from home. Both Honor and Toby break out of their comfort spots as Libby pushes them to live more. As they become stronger in their choices, wants and needs, Libby begins to fall apart and it's up to her friends to figure out exactly what is going on. Told from the first person point-of-view of both Honor and Toby, we gather a fuller understanding of their first semester together. Toby was particularly funny, especially when it came to his thoughts on sex and his two best female friends. I liked how both he and Honor flirted with the idea of maybe liking each other in the beginning before their feelings settled. 

I would have liked to see a bit more depth to the friends and to see Sawyer developed a bit more. They seemed kind of flat at times. I understood Honor and Toby were like magnets drawn to the exuberant yet unstable Libby, but I wondered why they didn't try to make friends with other students and not let Libby capitalize on their time so much. I did not connect to any of them. There wasn't much romance and I wanted to see that part of Sawyer and Honor's relationship (there was the scene in his bedroom). The ending, though predictable, explained what was going on and I thought the epilogue tied everything up for the foursome a bit too tidy.

Rating: 3

Cover comment: 
Since the title mentions "three" I was expecting to see three people in the picture. It's an OK cover.

Book source: 
I received a promotional copy in return for my honest review.

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