Friday, February 8, 2013

Book review: A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa M. Basso

A Shimmer of Angels (Angel Sight #1) by Lisa M. Basso
Paperback, 321 pages
Published January 29th 2013 by Month9Books, LLC

Sixteen-year-old Rayna sees angels, and has the medication and weekly therapy sessions to prove it. Now, in remission, Rayna starts fresh at a new school, lands a new job, and desperately tries for normalcy. She ignores signs that she may be slipping into the world she has tried so hard to climb out of. But these days, it’s more than just hallucinations that keep Rayna up at night. Students are dying, and she may be the only one who can stop it. Can she keep her job, her sanity, and her friends from dying at the hands of angels she can't admit to seeing?

I'm a sucker for angels in books. A Shimmer of Angels was an intense read and once the story took off I found myself not wanting to stop. The fantasy world the author has created included Fallen angels (Kade) and Protectors (Cam) and a creepy bad angel, Az. I liked both of the angels involved with Rayna and found aspects of their different worlds intriguing (the concept of the 'heart' fascinates me). Rayna is the teen girl who can see their wings and has been locked away for three years for having this ability others decree as not normal.
I liked Rayna's voice and enjoyed her sense of humor (the SS Crazy made me chuckle). Her love of flowers and gardening was different for a character in YA and I wonder if this will be utilized further in the series. Her best friend, Lee, the Dr. Who-loving dude was a delightful reprieve from other stereotypical besties. Though she could be intense with her thoughts and feelings, Rayna's agonizing did become a bit too much in parts. I used to think Bella was the Queen of Clumsy but Rayna may have her beat. When she wasn't bumping her head, shoulder or back, it was her knees, arms or biting her lip to make her bleed. Despite her physical problems, the premise of the story with Rayna being able to see all types of angels was well done. I welcome new ideas and concepts in a paranormal market where the overdone gets boring. This story kept me glued to its pages and contained some nice twists and turns. 

As for the love interests, I haven't decided on which Team t-shirt to have printed up. Kade is a) the sexy bad boy who IMMEDIATELY helps Rayna out when asked, b) he dated/cared about/FELL for her MOM, c) he was caught soul-sucking some blond in the diner alleyway, d) saved Rayna so now she owes him twice and e) did I say he was a dark haired sexy Fallen angel with a killer smile? Hmm.... So in Cam's defense he is a) blond, serious and hot, b) a good guy, a Protector, c) there's that (surprise) kiss which captured a part of Rayna's heart, but I have to remove one of his good marks because he a) witnessed Rayna getting carried away to the mental clinic (physically taken away by the guys in white) and did NOTHING, b) he didn't do ANYTHING while she was there for like 16 days! I give little sister Layla a high five for passing on her sister's message to Kade. So, since I like to root for the underdog, I'll probably order a Team Kade shirt. Though my opinion may change after reading book two.

My having fun in the paragraph above exemplifies how FULLY invested I have become in these characters. I can't wait to see what goes on in the next book. Unfortunately, I and all of the other fans will have to wait until February of 2014 for A Slither of Hope

Rating: 4 really liked it

Cover comment: Very colorful and pretty

Book source: Netgalley (requested for a book tour).

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  1. I'm a sucker for angels as well! And my God, Kade, Ryan AND Cam sound SO good! Thanks for sharing this. I didn't know about the book, but now I'll definitely check it out. Fantastic review! :D

    Sarika @ The Readdicts