Thursday, January 3, 2013

Whisper of Crows Blog Tour: promo

Whisper of Crows by Jameson Hesse
Horror*Paperback, 358 pages
Published 2010
Tour page: Pump Up Your Book

Kanaan James is a disturbed teenage boy obsessed with his childhood friend Abigail Caulfield. A horrible car accident leaves Abigail stricken with amnesia and Kanaan, desperate for her attention, convinces her they are soul mates, running from the law. In the midst of a passionate love affair, while hiding in an old abandoned house deep in the woods, Kanaan is forced to test the boundaries of his own humanity.

About the author:

Jameson Hesse is an American writer/filmmaker. Jameson currently lives in Los Angeles with his sons. He has several film and book projects in various stages of development and is promoting his novel “Whisper of Crows”.

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