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Someone to Love Blog Tour: review

On this Sunday we host today's stop on the Someone To Love Blog Tour presented by SupaGurl Book Tours. We have a review and promo of this steamy New Adult novel by Addison Moore.
Someone to Love by Addison Moore
New Adult contemporary romance*e-book, 493 kb*self-published 

What happens when two people who don’t believe in love happen to fall madly, deeply into the most beautiful relationship they could ever imagine? A train wreck.

Twenty-year old Kendall Jordan devises a seat of the pants plan to “play the player.”

When Kendall spots gorgeous Cruise Elton from across the room, something in her burns to have him. There’s only one problem; Cruise likes the ladies, a lot, and Kendall has never shared so much as a decent kiss with a guy.

Kendall has long since come to discover that love is an illusion that never lasts and Cruise couldn’t agree more. So when Kendall proposes that Cruise tutor her in becoming a female version of himself, Garrison Universities own manwhore, he’s more than happy to comply.

But when real feelings begin to emerge, and neither Kendall nor Cruise know how toclassify them, everything they once thought they knew is redefined as they discover in one another, Someone to Love.

New Adult. Intended for mature audiences.

About the author:

Addison Moore is the author of young adult fiction and romance. She has worked as therapist on a locked psychiatric unit for almost a decade. She is the mother of four wonderful children. She resides on the West Coast with her family and two dogs where she eats too much chocolate and stays up way too late. When she's not writing, she's reading.

As I began reading Someone to Love, I couldn't help but wonder exactly where the story was going. From the blurb I expected to find this tough girl who was down on love, Kendall, and the ultimate player, Cruise, getting together to act as student and teacher. As my reading continued, this student/teacher relationship turned out to be an act as they wind up falling for each other.  

Kendall's tough exterior was the result of living with her mother's failed marriages. Cruise became a player as a way of rebounding from a failed relationship. I was grateful to read their dual points of view, giving both the male and female perspective on things. Some sections came across as so realistic, witty, and full of life I had to laugh at many of Kendall's thoughts and reactions. Cruise brought a certain amount of maturity to the story once he dropped his player attitude. I'll admit I expected Cruise--as a graduate student working on his thesis and awarded a fellowship--to view his teaching assistant job with a higher level of maturity and seriousness instead of cavorting in the classroom with Kendall after class had ended. The ease with which he created a special syllabus for her and then proceeded to live it out over the campus after promising the sickly professor he took over for (and his mentor) he would make him proud was a pause for concern for this reader.

I will admit when chains and leashes were mentioned, I thought to a certain 'gray' book series, quickly hoping that would not the case and it wasn't, not really. I did enjoy reading about Kendall and Cruise, especially when their story changed from purely physical (a case of 'lust at first sight') to more of a 'love at first sight story', I liked the book even more. Adding in romantic elements elevated the story, giving it another dimension  while cementing these two as a believable couple. 

What really kept me reading was Addison Moore's strength and variety of writing. Many of her descriptions, analogies and lines sounded so lovely and poetic. I would hang on her prose describing nature, sunrises, moonlight, and the different allures and aspects of falling in love with someone. My only comment would be that often I thought the two main characters would lose the effectiveness of a witty comment or admission because they spent too much time on that one train of thought. Instead of three or four lines about something, one or two would have had the necessary punch and prove the "less is more" credo truthful.  

 I was hoping for more character development and even with the characters changing over time, I just wasn't sure why they loved each other so much. Yes, Kenny was beautiful and Cruise was gorgeous (typical characterizations prevalent in romance in general), but I needed more to better understand what attracted them to each other, besides the purely physical aspect. There was a lot of space devoted to their lovemaking and I wondered when the conflict with Blair would arise and when Kendall's mom would actually show up. When these two things did happen, they occurred quickly instead of overtime and the ending did seemed rushed to me. 

After reading some books filled with problems, I was so glad to read a well edited novel. Once the romance toook hold in Someone To Love, I became a fan of Addison Moore's writing.

Rating: I liked it.

Cover comment: Very sexy pose. I didn't imagine Cruise looking like that since he was described as having curly or wavy blond hair and Kendall had dark, almost black hair. Still, considering how active these two were, the pose captures the essence of their love story.

Book source: I received a promotional copy from the author in return for my honest review.

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