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Provex City Blog Tour: Top Tens list & giveaway

Provex City (The Lorne Family Vault #1) by Michael Pierce
YA fantasy*Paperback, 324 pages
Published April 14th 2012 (first published March 5th 2012)

Fifteen-year-old Oliver Grain begins his school year fighting off bullies, learning about the boy who committed suicide in his room, and trying to understand why his history teacher, Mr. Gordon, has taken such a personal interest in him.

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe you can make bullies simply disappear? Do you believe you can walk through walls?

Mr. Gordon tells Oliver: "When you truly believe anything is possible, you will be able to open doors where there were only walls." And one of those doors leads Oliver to Provex City, which puts him in far greater danger than he can possibly fathom.

GUEST POST by author 
Michael Pierce:
Top Ten Songs for Provex City 

1. Running up That Hill – Placebo 

I love this cover! I feel like it sets the mood and tone of the book and series. It’s dark and powerful. This song doesn’t point to a particular scene in Provex City, but serves as an introduction for the series. 

2. All Cleaned Out – Elliott Smith 

This is one of Elliott Smith’s hidden gems, on his album of unreleased songs that came out several years after his death: New Moon. I felt this was a good song for Oliver’s introduction to Elliott Smith while he’s googling the artist alone in his room. Elliott Smith comes up several times throughout the book, and will continue to throughout the series. 

3. Mamma Sed – Puscifer

The scene for this song is when Oliver, Desiree, and Anna venture into the dark to visit TJ’s grave. I feel like it’s a good traveling song. 

4. The Royal We – Silversun Pickups 

This is when Anna and Oliver make a run for it in the mall, evading security after Anna’s been caught shoplifting. 

5. Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap 

I hear this song at the Halloween party. It wouldn’t actually be playing there. I hear it rise over the real music at the party, which fades while Oliver is dancing with Anna for the first time. They are in the middle of the crowded dance floor, but in a world all their own. I find it an incredibly intimate song. 

6. Restless Heart Syndrome – Green day 

This song goes along with Oliver and his mother sitting in the hospital, restless and waiting to receive news—any news—of “his” condition from the doctors. Sorry, I can’t tell you whom. 

7. Hurricane – 30 Seconds to Mars 

Oliver is up in Hollywood with Desiree and Anna to see Eli’s band perform. They get to hang out in the bands’ communal lounge before the performance. Oliver looks around at all the band stickers and writing on the walls, looks over at the girls and has a long pensive moment. Then a passing ghost catches his eye and he follows... 

8. Paradise – Coldplay

Oliver sees the glory of Provex City for the first time as he descends in a glass elevator capsule, rocketing down hundreds of floors, looking out at the majestic city with shimmering towers that stretch to the heavens. For a moment it feels like paradise. 

9. Mad World – Adam Lambert 

I hear this song during the scene of recovery for Oliver after the vicious climax. It’s a moment for Oliver to take a few breaths and reflect on all that he’s learned about himself and his family, the recent events he’s lived through, and what the future seems to hold for him. 

10. In The Darkness – Dead By Sunrise 

I felt this song while writing the final scene with Oliver, Desiree, Anna, and Eli. In a movie version, I hear it rolling into the ending credits. “In the darkness—all that you want from me is all I have give. In the darkness—coming so easily, learning how to live.”

About the author:
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Michael Pierce lives in Southern California with his wife, daughter, and two ultra-protective Chiweenies. Provex City is his debut novel and the first book in the young adult fantasy Lorne Family Vault Series.

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  1. That's an awesome playlist!!

    Thank you for sharing it and showing us what the book's tone is like:)

  2. That's an awesome playlist!!

    Thank you for sharing it and showing us what the book's tone is like:)

  3. That's a great playlist! I loved that he pointed out where each one 'fits' into the story.
    Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting me today and being a stop on the tour! Music is such a necessity to my writing. :)

  5. Thanks everyone! So glad you liked the author's post. Lots of great songs on that list.

  6. Maybe I'm showing my age, but I don't know all those songs there! :) But I will say the book sounds good. It's in my wish list at amazon. That's a good price for the kindle book. I will def be checking it out!