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Author Stop: Donna Alward & Into the Fire

Reader Girls is featuring author Donna Alward today. She is a prolific romance writer and her latest series, The First Responders, has three titles already published this year (all three are shown below). The newest title is Into The Fire and the author has written a guest post on why she chose First Responders for her novella series. We welcome Donna Alward and hope you enjoy her post. My review of Into The Fire will be up shortly.

Into The Fire (First Responders, Book 3) by Donna Alward
ebook, 118 pages*Published November 13th 2012 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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The heat is on...

The last person firefighter Chris Jackson expects to rescue from a burning animal shelter is Ally Gallant—his ex-fiancĂ©e. Even though three years have passed since she gave him back his ring, one look at her frightened face in the haze of a smoky building is all it takes for him to realize he’ll still do anything to protect her.

Ally’s put her heart and soul into the shelter, and she’s devastated when it’s destroyed. What's more, Chris is suddenly there for her in ways she doesn’t expect—ways she’s sure she doesn’t deserve—as she makes decisions about her future. Then there’s the not-so-small matter of the blazing passion between them that refuses to be extinguished.

But when Chris is injured while on a call, Ally’s reminded of all the reasons she walked away. Now she must look deep within herself to find the courage to put fear on the back burner and step into the fire—into love.

Warning: Adorable dogs, a hot firefighter and five-alarm passion. Fire extinguisher (or cold shower) highly recommended.

By Donna Alward

Why First Responders? 
When I came up with the concept for my First Responders series, I had been talking to an old friend. She’d been in a car accident and was telling me about the people who stopped to help, including the first responders on the scene. She was pregnant at the time, and her kids were in the back. It was super scary. I knew that somewhere down the road I was going to write a story that dealt with a similar circumstance.

I’m a sucker for a uniform, too. That’s why, if I’m not writing about dusty, sexy cowboys, I’m usually writing about military heroes or some other type of uniform. These are people that do extraordinary things to help other people. Sometimes they put their lives on the line. Sometimes they are simply there to lend a hand or heal a wound. Cops, firemen, paramedics…they are the ones who head into danger while the rest of us are getting OUT.

I started the series with Gabe Brenner, a paramedic who is off duty and witnesses a car accident. He might be Off The Clock (that’s the title!) but he’s the kind of guy who stops and lends a hand – especially when the crash victim is an old friend. And Carly’s pregnant to boot. It was really great to reconnect these two.

Then we move on to Kendra Givens – it’s a woman in uniform this time! And she’s got very little time for ex-soldier Jake Symonds. Until she gets to know him better and realize they aren’t as different as she first thought… In The Line of Duty came out in August.

This month the third novella is out – Into the Fire. Chris Jackson is part of the volunteer fire department, and his job puts him face to face with his ex-fiancee, Ally. Sparks still fly between these two. And there are cute dogs. I think I had the most fun writing this one so far…

There’s still one more to come – Beneath The Badge. That’s in production right now and will hopefully be out in the first half of 2013.

There’s something about a hero or heroine who does the right thing, who does the tough jobs so we don’t have to. Put all that heroism in a crisp uniform and I’m a goner. How about you?

In The Line Of Duty (First Responders #2) by Donna Alward
ebook, 125 pages*Published August 28th 2012 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

When it comes to love, sometimes a girl has to go above and beyond.

Jake Symonds has been a thorn in Constable Kendra Givens’s side since the night they first met, when she’d had to arrest him. In his boxer shorts. The drunken comments he made that night are worsened by the truth she’ll never admit. For a fleeting moment, they’d connected. 

Two years later, when she’s called to investigate a break-and-enter at his pub, the last thing she expects is for the now-competent businessman to cook her breakfast. But she’s no fool. The former bad boy still lurks beneath the charm. And his business involves the one thing that she’s hated since it ruined her childhood. Alcohol.

As far as he’s concerned, Jake has changed, but Kendra still has a stick up her butt. Yet he can’t help but like her sass and quick wit. One well-aimed baseball at the carnival dunk tank later and he’s got a date.

Their spark of attraction quickly flares out of control, but their emotional baggage is stacked too high to risk anything deeper—until one tragic night strips the barriers from their deepest fears. And Kendra realizes the greatest danger Jake presents is to her heart.

Product Warnings: Readers should be aware that any sexy comments made to police officers will be used against them in the hottest way possible.

Off the Clock (First Responders #1) by Donna Alward
ebook, 98 pages*Published October 4th 2011 by Samhain Publishing

The last thing she needs is a hero...

Paramedic Gabe Brennan's job is saving lives. When he witnesses an accident and rushes in to help, the victim brings back memories of the night that marked him forever. The night he almost couldn't save his best friend, Brandon. Brandon's sister is in the car. She's pregnant. And his longing for her is just as sharp as ever.

Carly's never been so glad to see a friendly face. Gabe's gallant rescue-and the gentle kiss he bestows upon her at the hospital-resurrect feelings she buried long ago. Having just closed the book on a crumbling marriage, she's not too keen on opening herself up to hurt again. Not even for the one man who's always seemed to be there when she needed him most.

Gabe knows he shouldn't be falling for Carly, especially since she insists she's off the market. But the chemistry still simmering between them after all these years is no accident. Now all he has to do is convince her she belongs in the empty space he's always held open for her. The one next to his heart...

Caution: Contents-and paramedic hero-may be too hot to handle

About the author:
Donna Alward

A busy wife and mother of three (2 daughters and the family dog), Donna Alward believes hers is the best job in the world: a combination of stay-at-home mom and romance novelist. 

An avid reader since childhood, Donna always made up her own stories. She completed her Arts Degree in English Literature in 1994, but it wasn't until 2001 that she penned her first full-length novel, and found herself hooked on writing romance. In 2006 she sold her first manuscript. 

Donna loves being back on the East Coast of Canada after nearly 12 years in Alberta where her Harlequin career began, writing about cowboys and the west. Donna's debut Romance, Hired by the Cowboy, was awarded the Booksellers Best Award in 2008 for Best Traditional Romance. 

With the Atlantic Ocean only minutes from her doorstep, Donna has found a fresh take on life and promises even more great romances in the near future!

Donna loves to hear from readers; you can contact her through her website, visit her facebook page or Twitter page, or through her publisher.

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