Friday, October 19, 2012

The Acropolis Blog Tour: review

It is gargoyle day on Reader Girls. We are hosting The Acropolis Blog Tour and have a review. This tour is presented by AToMR Book Tours.
The Acropolis (Acropolis #1) by R.K. Ryals
YA paranormal romance*Published (first published March 28th 2012)
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"We have a new assignment for you, Mr. Reinhardt."

These words are not comforting to me. At eighteen, I am a gargoyle who has been demoted because I broke the rules. Now I have a new mission, a new mark to protect. But I don't expect Emma Chase. I don't expect to question my own race. I don't expect to care for my own mark. And I am not prepared for what I find at The Acropolis.

About the author:
R.K. Ryals

I am a Native Mississippian who started writing in elementary school. I was a reserved child who threw away almost everything I wrote. Later, when I was older, I discovered the crumpled pieces of my work in a box in my mother's hope chest. When I asked her why she saved the work, she replied,

"What you considered trash, I considered genius." 

It has been my motto ever since. My mother passed in 2005. She is missed.

I am the scatterbrained (no lie) mother of three, and I live in Mississippi with my husband and three divalicious daughters and a female shitszu (also a diva)named Tinkerbell. My poor husband!

Redemption is a three book series following young, brash Dayton Blainey. The first two books are now available on for kindle and in print.

If you've read R.K. Ryals' Redemption series, you'll recognize the name Conor Rheinhardt. Now the author has very smartly given this character his own series and fans can openly rejoice. Conor is a good guy, he's a protector, but when he breaks the rules he has to deal with the repercussions. In the Acropolis, he is assigned Emma Chase, a half demon half human teen girl, and he has to bring her to her new 'special' school, The Acropolis. Of course, playing escort will be troublesome and the two have to deal with some incidents. Conor realizes Emma hasn't been told about her heritage and taking her away from her sheltered lifestyle will put the shy girl through some trying times. She also has has this 'illness' he has to contend with, but Conor is a gargoyle and can deal with just about anything or anyone, can't he?

Fast paced, charming characters, a fun, intense story line, The Acropolis is an engaging paranormal YA novel. Let's move those angels, werewolves, fairies and vampires out of the way and make room for the gargoyles. 

Rating: 3

Cover comment: An 'ok' cover, a bit dark.

Book source: Purchased then received a promotional copy.

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