Saturday, October 20, 2012

Griffin's Fire Blog Tour

This Saturday we host the second part of this tour presented by AToMR Book Tours. Welcome to our stop on the Griffin's Fire Blog Tour.

Griffin's Fire by Darby Karchut
Fantasy*paperback (198 pages) & e-book*Publisher: Twilight Times Books (April 15, 2012)
Purchase: Amazon Both books in the Griffin series are discounted at $2.99!

For centuries, there have been rumors about a lowly caste of supernatural beings known as the Terrae Angeli. Armed with the power to control Earth, Fire, Wind and Water, these warriors and their apprentices clandestinely serve as guardians for humans in danger.

Forced to become mortal, ex-teen angel Griffin has been banished from the Terrae Angeli. Struggling to adjust, he enrolls in the heaven-and-hell known as high school. In spite of his friends’ support, Centennial High proves to be a battleground, complete with a malicious math teacher. 

And to make matters worse, his Mentor, Basil, has been ordered to take on a new apprentice, the gifted and egotistical seventeen-year-old Sergei, whose covert attacks on Griffin makes home life as bleak as a Siberian winter.

Trapped between school, Sergei, and a desperate secret, Griffin is certain of one thing: the only way to fight a Cold War is with Fire.

What people are saying
“An amazing storyteller, Darby Karchut has once again mesmerized me with characters so powerful and witty, I find myself searching for the Terrae Angeli around every corner!” - Jennifer Murgia, author of Angel Star and Lemniscate

About the author:
Darby Karchut grew up in a family that venerated books and she spent her childhood devouring one fantasy novel after another. Today, she lives in Colorado with her husband, where she still teaches at a local junior high school. She enjoys running, biking, and skiing the Rocky Mountains in all types of weather.

Griffin is back in book two and his conflicts intensify. He was an angel in training, a Tiro, on track to become a Terrae-Angelus, but he got in trouble, lost his angelic ranking, and was punished by becoming mortal and made to attend high school. The one bright spot through all of this is Katie, his mortal girlfriend. Things are going along okay but then something happens to Griffin, which he keeps secret (and so will I), then he finds out Basil is mentoring someone else named Sergei, and the two young men clash. With his secret and the changes in his life, what will Griffin do?

The second book really shows us what Griffin is experiencing while living as a mortal in the human world. The author does a wonderful job showing us Griffin as he comes to grips with his 'human' self and then things intensify as he tries to figure out what to do with his secret and what it may mean. Exciting and intense, Griffin's Fire only improves the amazing world and characters Darby Karchut has created.

Rating: 3.5

Cover comment: Doesn't do anything for me.

Book source: I received a promotional e-book copy in return for my honest review during a blog tour.

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  1. Interesting concept I need to get to reading!!

  2. I agree that the cover doesn't seem all the inspiring, but the story sounds great :)

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  3. The concept of this book sounds pretty appealing to me, though I'm not so sure I'd pick it up at a bookstore.
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