Friday, October 12, 2012

Griffin Rising Blog Tour: review and giveaway

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Griffin Rising (Griffin, Book #1) by Darby Karchut
YA Fantasy*paperback*Publisher: Twilight Times Books*Release date: June 15, 2011*Chapter excerpt

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"Sometime, lad, it's hell being an angel."

Armed with the power to control the ancient elements of Earth and Fire, sixteen-year-old Griffin is determined to complete his apprenticeship and rise to the rank of Terrae Angeli.

But first, he must overcome a brutal past if he is to survive in this world. Will the perseverance of his mentor and the love of a mortal girl give Griffin the courage he needs to face the monster still haunting him?

About the author:

Darby Karchut grew up in a family that venerated books and she spent her childhood devouring one fantasy novel after another. Today, she lives in Colorado with her husband, where she still teaches at a local junior high school. She enjoys running, biking, and skiing the Rocky Mountains in all types of weather. Griffin Rising is her first novel.

Griffin's Fire is an entertaining story, a nice surprise and a welcome addition to the angel genre. The Terrae Angeli are the protectors of man on earth and they utilize the four elements. Griffin is part of this angelic faction. We learn when he was 13, he had an abusive mentor, Nicopolis, but was removed and made an apprentice to the kindly Basil. Mentoring a young man who has been abused is challenging to Basil but he eventually succeeds. His charge is prepared to take his Proelium (a battle between student and teacher). The change Griffin undergoes is fantastic--the hurt, distrusting child becomes a confident young man--and he finds out he is to face Nicopolis. That was a nice touch by the author and added an extra level of excitement while reading. The three lead males of this story--Griffin, Basil and Nicopolis--are strong characters, even if the cruel mentor has a smaller role his presence is known and felt. 

The addition of the mortal Katie, a teen who moves across the street from Griffin, tests the angel as he deals with his growing feelings for her. Basil is instrumental in the lad's understanding exactly what is going on. 

What I really enjoyed were the characterizations, reading from the viewpoints of Griffin, Basil (we hear from an adult, a parental figure!) and Katie enabled me to gain a fuller picture of each and their specific roles. I had expected Katie to be a stronger character--physically speaking--and not be so much of the victim because she is human and mortal. The fast pace and action kept my eyes firmly on each page, and the writing was smooth. Fans of the angel genre may want to read the Griffin series and we recommend it for upper middle grade and younger YA readers.

Rating: 3.5

Cover comment: Dull.

Book source: I received a promotional e-book from the author in return for my honest review during a blog tour.
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  1. Ive never heard of this book before nor the author. But im def gonna check them book out they look really interesting! I really like the cover!! :D

  2. Both books are fantastic reads. I love angel stories and Griffin is one of the neatest angels I've every met. Congratulations, Darby. Can't wait to read Griffin's Storm in December.

  3. The review has me intrigued. The story looks like one I would enjoy.

  4. Sounds very interesting. I would love to read it.