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Fragile Blog Tour: promo + giveaway

It's always an extra special day when we host a tour for a book written by M. Leighton. Today we host the Fragile Book Tour presented by AToMR Book Tours. There's an excerpt and links so you can find out more about this contemporary YA novel, plus a giveaway is always a bonus!
Fragile by M. Leighton

YA contemporary romance*e-book, 294 pages*
Published April 2012 by M Leighton Books

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Her heart, as delicate as glass. His love, as strong as steel. 
Can either survive life and death? 

Hardy Bradford is an eighteen year old football phenomenon who has the girl, the school, the town and the future in the palm of his hand. His life is all mapped out for him, right down to who he’ll marry and how he’ll become a professional football player. It doesn't seem to matter that Hardy would’ve chosen a much different life if it was up to him. But it's not. At least not until his Miracle comes along. 

The first time Hardy laid eyes on Miracle St. James, he didn’t know who she was, but he knew she was something different and that he’d never get her out of his head. And he didn’t. Now, months later, Hardy’s world is turned upside down when Miracle shows up in his class, stealing his heart and forever changing the course of his life. 

Miracle’s sick. Very sick. And Hardy might be losing the only thing in his life that has ever mattered. How much is too much to sacrifice for the one you love? For just a little more time? For just one more chance? Can Hardy be the hero Miracle needs? 

Or is it Hardy that needs saving?


Miracle shrugged. “Don’t be. It’s no skin off my nose.”

Hardy let his temple fall against the head rest as he watched Miracle. “My god, you really are amazing.”

Miracle said nothing, but Hardy saw a flush of pink suffuse her cheeks. He couldn’t help but smile.

“No, not really. While my tires are getting fixed, I got to make out with a hot guy. What do I have to complain about?”

Hardy laughed. “You did?” Miracle nodded, a mischievous grin curving her lips. “With a hot guy, huh?” Again she nodded. “Anyone I know?”

“You might recognize him. He has short brown hair and the most amazing stormy blue-gray eyes I’ve ever seen. His smile is addictive and his arms are strong. And he’s one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. Does any of that sound familiar?”

Hardy wrinkled his brow and rolled his eyes upward as if in thought. “Um, not really.”

“No? Well, he’s also an incredibly talented football player. He’s smart and he’s got a great artistic eye,” she continued. “Oh and did I mention he rocks a killer six pack?”

At that, Hardy threw back his head and laughed.

“Now, don’t be a hater,” she playfully chastised. “I mean, he’s pretty frickin’ awesome. He’s even an amazing kisser. That’s a lot to compete with.”

“Yeah, it is. Does he leap tall buildings in a single bound?”

“I don’t think so. And I sure hope he doesn’t have x-ray vision,” Miracle teased, holding her hands over her chest.

Hardy laughed again, not able to remember the last time someone had so thoroughly captivated him.

“Wow,” he said, feeling the warmth of her charm and presence spreading through his entire body. “Just…wow!”

Miracle giggled enchantingly and then changed the subject. “So, what should we do while the tires are getting patched?”

“Hmm.” Hardy knew better than to mention what he wanted to do, so instead he went with a viable option. “We could always go develop some of our pictures in the dark room at the school.”

“Um, won’t it be closed?”

“Yes, but I have a key,” Hardy said, waggling his eyebrows.

“Are you serious? Did you steal it?” Miracle asked in an irreverent whisper, clearly surprised by that kind of crazy bravado.

“No,” Hardy snorted. “If I was gonna steal something from the school, it definitely wouldn’t be the key to the dark room.”

“What would it be then? What would be worth stealing?”

“I don’t know,” he said, frowning in his pensiveness before he grinned wickedly. “Maybe the heart of the school’s most beautiful damsel. Or at the very least, her virtue.”

Miracle blushed furiously then proceeded to blatantly ignore his comment. “Then how did you get the key?”

His thoughts returning to a more serious nature, Hardy sighed and rolled his eyes. “My dad is sort of a big deal to some people, which makes them treat me a little differently.”

“A big deal?”

Hardy shrugged. “Yeah, he’s on the Board at the hospital and he’s on the Town Council. He donates to the Sheriff’s Department and the State Police. Florida State University, too. If there’s an important ass to kiss somewhere, he’s kissing it.”

“So you’re saying you could get away with murder and no one would say a word?”

“Pretty much. Why? Are you thinking of murdering someone?”

Miracle laughed, a delicate tinkling that made Hardy inordinately proud to have said something to trigger it. He got the distinct impression that Miracle hadn’t had many reasons to laugh.

“No, but I always like to keep my options open.” She winked at Hardy and his smile was instant.

“Smart girl.”

“Not really. You’re just used to the all-beauty, no-brains type,” she teased.

“Ouch!” Hardy kidded in return. “While that might have been the case, you can’t find fault with my ‘type’ now. You’ve got beauty and brains. The perfect girl.”

Miracle blushed again and they fell into a comfortable silence. Finally, Hardy turned the key to start the engine. “So, to the school then? Show me your mad skills?”

“You’re on, Bradford. Lead the way.”

With that, Hardy shifted into drive and guided his car out of the parking lot and back through town toward the school.

About the author:
M. Leighton

I was born and raised in the United States, and I’ve lived in several of the fabulous fifty. Though I currently live in the deep South, I spent much of my childhood up North and hope to return there one day. A few other things about me: I believe that sometimes you have to look really, REALLY hard to find the good in people, but it's there. I believe that I'm shrinking (I swear five years ago I was two inches taller). I believe my husband is quite possibly one of the most amazing men in the entire world (I can't be sure because I haven't met all of them). I believe coffee and chocolate, when combined, could be the basis for world peace. I believe that Jesus rocks and communism doesn’t. I believe that white makes me look fat and black collects lint. I believe summer's too hot, winter's too cold and fall was made for football. I like dogs better than cats and the first movie in a trilogy is invariably the best. But most of all, I believe that love conquers all.
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