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Circle of Light Blog Tour: excerpt and giveaway

As some of you may know, the Light series by Jennifer DeLucy is one of our favorite paranormal series. Whenever we can be part of a book tour, we jump on it so when the third book, Circle of Light, was recently published we were thrilled to be included on the tour. We are hosting today and have an excerpt from Circle of Light plus we are able to give away an e-book copy (we thank Omnific Publishing) and swag. Welcome, step into the Light!

Circle of Light (Light series, book #3) by Jennifer DeLucy 
Paranormal*paperback and e-book (278 pages)*Omnific Publishing, October 9, 2012 
Purchase: Amazon paperback\Kindle | B&N

Empath and Pathcrosser to the dead, Lillian Hunt has finally come into her own as a Sentient being. All seems well in her brave new world...that is, until a tragic turn sends her tight knit Sentient group on a rescue mission through lore-infested Europe. Their goal is to save the love of Lily's life—vampire Sentient, William Maddox — from both the prejudice of their own society and the dark intentions of ancient vampires. But how will they keep hope alive, even as time runs out?

An excerpt:
“Well, this is quaint, isn’t it?” Judy Lynn remarked, smiling brightly around the dinner table. “So many people in one group.” 

“We’re comfortable enough,” Clara remarked, passing me a dish of green bean casserole. 

“I’m sure glad,” Judy Lynn said. 

“Won’t your group miss you while you’re gone?” Anna asked Judy Lynn. 

“You mean groups,” Judy Lynn corrected. “I’m in charge of several. And they’ll be just fine. My people are well oiled machines. I keep my Sentients in good order.” The woman smiled, taking us all in. 

“Groups?” Trina questioned. “So, you don’t have to be a Seer to man­age people like that?” 

A slight flare of red, contained but obvious, escaped Judy Lynn’s outline, and I felt the potency of her arrogance. 

“Under typical circumstances the Society prefers a traditional Seer,” Judy Lynn said, smiling tightly. “But this is a large country with a lot of people in it. And with my years on the Council, I’m certainly more than qualified. Seers aren’t the only ones with born leadership abilities, after all,” she finished, brightening her grin for a moment. “And my goodness. You all are quite the diverse group. Now, Ophelia, I knew you were a non-Sentient, but Nicole, I’ve surmised that you don’t carry any endow­ments either, is that right?” 

Nicole blanched. “No.” 

“Ah ha. You’re showing, too, aren’t you, honey? It seems a bit risky, doesn’t it, being…oh, no, try these, instead.” Judy Lynn stopped talking long enough to replace Demetre’s platter of bread with her biscuits. “You’ll like them so much better. Anyway, as I was saying, isn’t it a bit dangerous, you being here? Not that I’m one to judge!” she added quickly. “But, I have to say, Christian, and please don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m rather surprised you would choose a non-Sentient wife. When were ya’ll married again?” 

“We haven’t chosen a date just yet,” Christian said stiffly. 

“Oh. Well. I see.” Judy Lynn mulled this over, her face softening into an attempt at demure understanding. “I just assumed because of her delicate state and all…but where are my manners? In this day and age anything goes, right?” She laughed. Poor Nicole was blushing fiercely and she looked on the verge of tears, but she held it together, bless her. “As long as I’m prying, though,” Judy Lynn added, “may I ask why you haven’t picked a date yet?” 

My attention was pricked at a whole new level. Judy Lynn’s energy was climbing to giddy extremes, as if she couldn’t wait to unveil some kind of surprise. Clearly she was angling for something…and she’d only been here for an hour. 

“We’re not rushing things,” Christian said. “I think we’ll probably wait until after the baby comes.” 

Judy Lynn’s posture relaxed disappointedly. “I see,” she said, smiling. “Well, I’m certainly glad to hear it’s not out of convenience to anyone else.” 

“What do you mean by that?” Christian questioned. 

“Oh, nothing. Nothing. I’m sorry I said it.” 

“Ms. Campbell, if you have something to say, I think you should be outright about it,” Christian told her, and his aura shone a controlled, but very apparent shade of red. Wuh oh. 

“My, my. Combatants.” She laughed. “Well, if you insist. I simply meant that I’d hoped you wouldn’t put off your own wedding out of consideration for a lesser one.” 

Anna let out a gasp and then caught herself, staring fixedly at her food while the rest of the table glared at Judy Lynn in shock. It wasn’t that any of us had believed she felt any differently about William and me, but it was appalling that she’d be so blatant about it this soon after meeting us. What the hell were we in for? 

About the author:
Jennifer DeLucy
Jennifer DeLucy is an author of paranormal fiction, most notably The Light Series Trilogy, a freelance editor and a musician who believes in combining talents to create unique and inspiring work. Born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Jennifer moved to the Midwest in her early twenties, honing her passions and publishing her first two novels before moving to Seattle, Washington in 2012. She continues to pursue new and exciting avenues in both the writing and music fields. 

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