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Return to Arethane Blog Tour: character interview

We are today's stop on the Return to Arethane Blog Tour hosted by SupaGurl Blog Tours. This YA fantasy was written by Kelly Riad and she interviewed one of her characters, Kara Allen (Karaywn Alean'raheal). Thanks for stopping by today.

Return to Arèthane (The Elves of Arèthane #1) by Kelly Riad
YA fantasy*Kindle Edition*Published May 30th 2012

16-year old Emily has accepted her fate with each weakening beat of her heart, but after her best friend's brother and sister arrive in town and turn out to be more than what they appear, Emily's life is turned upside-down. When their friendship includes confronting wizards who harbor dark secrets and dancing with an elf prince, Emily discovers there aresome things still worth living for.

Character Interview

Kara Allen (Karaywn Alean'raheal)

Age: Human - 18; Actual - 577 human years. 

Born: Under the first full moon of the Winter Solstice 

Place of Birth: The Royal Capital, Hemelstad, in Arèthane 

Parents: deceased 

Description: 5'6", dark hair, green eyes, perpetual scowl 

Q. What are your favorite foods? 
A. My favorite foods? Why would I have a favorite food? Food is sustenance; only humans would feel it necessary to qualify food. 

Q. I'm sort of scared to ask any more questions. 
A. When you lead with that one, you should be. 

Q. What's your favorite color? 
A. Frey help me... fine, grey. 

Q. Is that because Aerath's eyes are grey? 
A. How do you know what color my husband's eyes are? 

Q. Um what are your favorite activities? 
A. There, with the qualifiers again. Okay, I'll play along. As Queen of Arèthane, I quiet enjoy riding across the countryside, visiting the villages, and archery. 

Q. That was a very diplomatic answer. What's your favorite thing about Aerath?
A. (pauses) He's fearless. 

Q. Anything else? 
A. He's passionate. Sometimes he loves so completely and fully, I worry it could break him. He doesn't care about the defenses I put up, he storms right past them. ...And his kisses. 

Q. Any relationship advice to give? 
A. Oh good gods. Sure, don't believe your human hype - relationships are not all Prince Charming and Snow White; it's not perfect. It's messy and sometimes ugly and you may falter, he may falter, but that's why reality is so much better than the fairy tale.

Author Info:
Kelly Riad 

Kelly Riad is from Texas where she lived with her husband and a house overrun by pets. She now lives in the San Francisco Bay area and is determined to bring the y'all to the West Coast. While she published her first book - a handmade pop-up titled "The Lost Puppy" - in the fifth grade to much acclaim by the first graders, she only recently picked the craft back up. "Return to Arèthane" is her second published novel.

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