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Foretold Book Tour: character interview, review and giveaway

Today has been a monumental day for us here at Readergirls. Monumental because we are hosting the Foretold Blog Tour presented by Dark Mind Book Tours. We were able to interview Riley and Beck and their replies are below. We also snuck in some questions for Jana as well, which she so graciously answered. There is a giveaway, our mini review, and news about sending questions to Jana at Franny's blog below. Welcome fellow demon trapper fans and humans to our blog.

Series: Book 4, The Demon Trappers 
Author: Jana Oliver
Genre: YA paranormal, urban fantasy
Format: Paperback, 416 pages, ebook
Publisher: (UK) Macmillan Children's Books (
August 2, 2012); (US) St. Martin's Griffn (December 11, 2012)

 Stand by as Riley Blackthorne prepares to kick some serious demon butt for the last time in this thrilling, dramatic and sexy conclusion to THE DEMON TRAPPERS series. Riley's always known that Denver Beck had a chequered history, but she's not prepared for what it actually means to be in love with a guy with this many dark secrets. Now that he's finally admitted to himself that he's in love with her too, there's no more hiding the truth about his past. And as it turns out, fending off a demon apocalypse is nothing compared to what's to come. . . 

Where to purchase Foretold: Amazon UK | Waterstones | Book Depository

An interview with Riley and Beck: 
As The Demon Trappers series comes to an end, how do you feel about your fans not reading about your adventures anymore?

Riley and Beck look at each other.

Riley: The readers really like us. They are interested in our lives. You know, like how you have a rabbit and I’m good at math. It’s way neat to know that people truly care about us. I think that’s what I’ll miss the most.

Beck (nods): Folks have been real good to us. Well, except when I was bein’ a butthead. Then I got chewed out.

Riley: Me, too. And that whole Ori thing. (rolls eyes). I really got some heat for that. So yeah, we are sad. We’ll miss people cheering us on.

Beck: What she said.

Will the Trappers Guild accept more females now that Riley has shown her fierceness and dedication and how do you guys feel about that?

Riley: I figure more girls will be joining the Guild. Part of me thinks that crazy, as it’s such a dangerous job, but then who am I tell someone they can’t follow their dream?

Beck: It’s only a matter of time before some other females join us. It’s gonna be rough because guys just hate seein’ girls get hurt, but if they can handle it, we’ll welcome them.

Riley: You just want to check out the chicks.

Beck: (grins) There is that. 

If a movie version was being cast, which actors would you like to see play you both and others, especially Riley's dad?

Riley: My dad? Wow, that’s hard. I think maybe Ben Affleck. He’s sorta like my dad.

Beck: Yeah, he works for me, too.

As the first female demon trapper, what are your feelings about this? Have the men finally accepted you?
It’s better than it used to be. There’s less dissing, for sure. Some will never accept me and I’ve finally realized that’s their problem. I make sure to trap with those who will watch my back and ignore the others. 

Your track record with guys hasn't been so great (no fault of your own). Will you change your approach with Backwoods Boy since you both have a history? And can you ever forget Simon or Ori?
It has been ugly, hasn’t it? I won’t ever forget Simon or Ori. They both were special in their own way. I sometimes wonder what would have happened with Simon and me if he hadn’t gotten hurt. As for Beck, well, who knows if what I’m doing will work. Our history has caused a lot of problems. I got all mad at him and that made it hard for us to talk. Then he was way jealous about Ori. We’ve messed up all along and I’m hoping we can get it sorted out.

Obviously you won't be giving up on Beck. What's your strategy to support him and make him see sense through whatever has him twisted this time?
I’m going to be there for him and shoot down any b.s. he throws my way. He’s hoping that if he’s enough of a jerk I’ll go away. That’s not happening, unless I know he really doesn’t love me. I think he does, deep down, but he’s afraid to admit it. I just need to keep working on Beck’s defensive walls, get him to understand that I’m there for him no matter what happens.

After you graduate high school, what are your plans?
I’ll take a few college courses, but not a full load. The trapping will mess up anything like that. I might never get a degree, but I do want to keep learning new stuff. 

Have you adjusted to living on your own? Would you consider moving or relocating?
Atlanta feels like home now after everything that has happened, so moving somewhere else wouldn’t be right for me. Living on my own is weird, but doable. Still, I miss being around people. It gets lonely sometimes.

You finally realized your feelings for Riley, and then she stopped Armageddon. Clearly, she's a pretty tough cookie. When will you stop trying to protect her from things she doesn't need protecting from and start treating her like the equal she is?
Ah, man, if I knew that we’d be doin’ a lot better than we are. I do care about her and I hate to see her hurt in any way. That just brings out the nasty in me. But I’m startin’ to think that I need to give her some space, let her make her own decisions. She’s got a good head on her shoulders. She makes mistakes, but we all do. Still, it’s damned hard to step back. 

If you do open your heart to Riley, would you think about fully protecting her and inviting her to live in your home (even if it's just as roommates)?
Roomin’ together? That would be hard if we weren’t…well…datin’ or anythin’. I mean, her bein’ around all the time and… (sighs) I’m not thinkin’ we’re gonna get that far. Not with some of the stuff in my past, ya know? I’d rather keep her as a friend than have it all fall apart. Maybe I’m bein’ a coward, but there’s too much at stake. So, I guess the answer is… I don’t know. If we’re datin’ and serious, yeah, I’d love to share my home with her. 

How long do you see yourself trapping demons for a living? Do you see yourself as a Master Trapper or even taking over the Guild? Would that decision impact any plans you may have about settling down, getting married and starting a family?
I will trap demons until my last breath. It’s my callin’. I really want to become a master trapper, but I’m not sure if I can do that. I wouldn’t want anythin’ to do with running the Guild, that’s for sure. Too much paperwork (laughs). And if I did get married, it’d have to be someone who knew what it was like to have their husband out every night trappin’ Hellspawn. That’d take a special kind of woman, for sure.

Now that it seems Book Four focuses on YOU and your past, are you glad to be getting this stuff out into the open? Is there anything you wouldn't want Riley to know about you?
There is a lot I don’t want Riley to know about. Almost all of what happened down in Sadlersville, ya know? I’m real worried about that. Another part of me, the insane part, thinks it’d be a good thing that Paul’s daughter knows everythin’ about me. That’s crazy talk, for sure.

Ever think about replacing your truck for something more modern?
Nope. I like my truck. It’s got…character.

And a couple of questions for Jana if she doesn't mind:
What kind of a trip as an author writing this series been like (the acceptance of, the publication, the success)? As the last book reaches the world (or part of it, since it won't be released in the US until December) how do you feel? Happy, bittersweet, satisfied?
It’s been a remarkable journey. To watch my stories be turned into books that are shared around the world makes my head spin. It’s truly amazing. The series has grown in ways that I never expected. I’m happy that the books end the way they do, but it’s very bittersweet. I’ve lived with Riley, Beck and company for four years come this December. I know them better than I know some of my friends. It’ll be sad to leave them behind. 

Have you thought about spinning off any of the characters from this series into their own? I could easily see Ori and more of his brethren continue on as well as fascinating secondary characters like Ayden and Mortimer?
I am considering writing some spin-off stories every now and then. I doubt they’ll be novel length, probably more the size of a short story or novella. I’d love to explore more about the witches and the necromancers and see what the Fallen angels are up to. 

Who would you like to see cast in a movie or tv series?
I always have trouble with casting as I see the characters differently than the readers. But here goes:

Riley Blackthorne
Daveigh Chase
Shailene Woodley

Denver Beck
William Levy
Matt Barr
Garrett Hedlund

Jake Gyllenhaal
Peter Facinelli

Alex Pettyfer

Logan Lerman

What are you working on next?
I’m currently plotting out a couple standalone novels. Both are young adult – one is a twisted fairy tale and the other is an action/adventure.

About the author: Jana Oliver loves to tell stories for both adults and teens. Her young adult Demon Trappers Series (St. Martin’s Griffin) is set in a dystopian 2018 Atlanta populated by Hellspawn, Deaders and scheming necromancers. The award-winning series is published internationally with editions in eight countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France and Poland. Jana’s foray into time travel and alternate history resulted in the multi-award winning Time Rovers Series (Dragon Moon Press). The series won twelve awards, including the Daphne du Maurier for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense, the Prism Award for Time Travel and ForeWord Magazine’s Editor’s Choice for Fiction.

Where to find Jana: Website | Demon Trappers Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest

Readergirls thanks Jana for answering our questions and dealing with our fangirl-itis. We also thank Franny from Dark Mind Book Tours for allowing us to participate in this tour.

Review: (Since the U.S. edition of Foretold will not be available until December 11th, we thought it only fair that we wouldn't run our full length review until closer to publication date. Here is our mini-review.)

Wow, wow, wow. It was sad reading Foretold, knowing this was the last time Riley and Co. would be headlining a book, but I knew with this being a Jana Oliver story that Riley battling demons and the drama that is Beck would take precedence over my sappy feelings. The first part of the book delves into my favorite Backwoods Boy, Mr. Denver Beck himself, showing a different side and even more layers to an already complicated man. This is where the author really excels--the strength in her characters, their depth, down to their little habits and manner of speaking--Jana just gets to the gut of her characters and fully fleshes them out like real people. When I read Beck's dialogue, I hear his twang in my mind and it's second nature. And I can't forget Riley. Riley Blackthorne totally blew me away in Foretold. Since this is a condensed version, I can't go in full blown fangirl mode but I will say one word: Ori. Ori freakin' gosh!  

Thank you Miss Oliver for creating an immensely entertaining, riveting, emotional train ride of a series. Hellspawn, fallen angels, witches, sorcerers, demon trappers, and a teen girl with a big heart. The Demon Trappers series has become one of my most beloved YA paranormal/urban fantasy series and I'm sorry to say goodbye to Riley and Beck but it has been one heck of a cool ride.

Rating: 5 (Adored it!)

Book source: Received an ARC from the publisher for my honest review during a book tour.

Next on the tour: Bittersweet Enchantment (author interview, excerpt, giveaway)
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Have questions for Jana, Riley or Beck???
Franny from Dark Mind Book Tours and the author are putting up an exclusive interview with Jana Oliver, Riley & Beck that's gonna take place at Franny's blog, Mind Reader, in the next few weeks. Email any questions you have for Jana, Riley or Beck to darkfranny(at)gmail(dot)com

Giveaway news: 
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