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YA book review: Wings of Shadow by Anna Kyss

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Genre: YA fantasy
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Publisher: Kyss Publishing (May 24, 2012)

In the struggle for survival...

Meghan's graduation gift is one that any eighteen-year-old would dream of: traveling abroad to England. Her journey turns into more adventure than expected when Meghan meets the mysterious Kiernan and is introduced to a strange society hidden beneath the streets of London.

The fittest win out at the expense of their rivals...

When Meghan's life is threatened, she flees the city and seeks sanctuary in a distant village--a place unseen by human eyes for over one hundred years. Not knowing if anyone can be trusted, Meghan tries to determine who is friend, who is foe... and who has captured her heart. Meanwhile, a battle for survival brews all around her.

Review: My heart will always belong to the bloodsucking creatures of the night, but I never say no to being enchanted by any other otherworldly creatures, especially the fey. When I saw this ebook listed for the Kindle as FREE, the cover grabbed me. There was something about that midnight blue, the young man's gaze, and Big Ben in the background. I began reading in the early afternoon and was finished by evening. Wings of Shadow was that good.

Meg has taken time between graduating high school and entering college to travel on her own. Even though I find her need for independence admirable--as a reader it was not an intelligent decision, nor was her going off with Kiernan, a guy she hardly knows--and yet, I understood why she did these things because it was part of her character as established through her voice.

Blending the underground Tubes of present day London as the setting for the Dark Fae and the nature-covered rural world for the Light fae was a nice contrast of lifestyles and added color to the story. When main character Meg enters the secret world below the subway systems I could easily picture the gunmetal grays and blacks of the walls and clothing of the dancers; and when Wish presents his costumes to Meg, Avery and Kiernan, their rainbow colors popped off the page. Author Anna Kyss blends known faerie lore and adds her own twist. The Dark fae do feel the effects of the iron surrounding them but their leader, Kiernan's father, applying some Darwinian principles, has learned drinking human blood sustains the fae. The Light fae live off of nature, nurturing and sharing in what the earth creates, and they abhor blood drinking.

Watching Meg fight to survive in the world of the dark fae and then adjusting to life with the Light fae was a wonderful contrast to her character. Being attracted to Kiernan, then abhorring him for his father's treatment of her, sent Meg to the land of the Light fae where Avery befriends her. Though she was attracted to Kiernan, the insta-love I find prevalent in YA wasn't so obvious here. Meg struggles with her feelings for both twin brothers, and her reasoning throughout is sensible.

Her scenes with Kiernan and Avery's grandmother were touching and I grew to like both ladies immensely. There were quite a few lovely scenes throughout the story which took my breath away: when Meg is outdoors being shown the garden I could smell the herbs and flowers and Avery's picnic with Meg on that special tree was delightful and my favorite scene of all. The author really touched upon a wide range of emotions as the brothers, Kiernan and Avery, learn to love each other once again after being torn apart when they were three years old. Wish was also a favorite character and I kept imagining Alan Cummings playing him in the movie version.

Fae fans wishing for something new to read this summer must pick up Wings of Shadow by Anna Kyss. I'm glad to know the author is working on the second book (especially after that cliffhanger ending! And more about Wish (!!) will be revealed.) Can't wait!

Rating: 4 Really enjoyed this past paced, fun read.

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