Sunday, July 1, 2012

What's Going On: July 1-7 (including R.A.K.)

We have been debating what to do about posting weekly activity here at Reader Girls. We used to participate in other memes but we have decided not to do that any more. There are more things going on besides receiving books so we've decided to do a What's Going On weekly (or bi-weekly post depending on our activity level), in which we'll share with everyone things we've done or received for that past week. Of course, we will begin with books. And one final parting note: we hit a milestone here during the week with our 1000th post! We know a lot of our posts are book tours, but we never thought we would hit that high a number.

We received for review: 

Our biggest surprise:
Laurie did a happy dance when this arc arrived but then she squealed like a fangirl at a Bieber concert. We were featured on the back cover of this arc with a quote from our review of The Rift Walker! When you love a book series as much as our mom loves this series by Clay and Susan Griffith, seeing your words in print is absolutely thrilling!

Our RAK goodies:
We finally remembered to post what we received on time (our apologies). For the month of June we received these ebooks and thank the wonderful ladies who sent them.
Thank you Alyssa,  Angela S and Emma D!

And from a past RAK:

Thank you Mary R. and Mary Ann O.!

What we're listening to:
Linkin Park: Living Things and Justin Bieber. 

What we're playing:
Still enjoying Saints Row 3 and just bought latest FF.

What we finally finished watching and now miss:
We can now delete this from our Netflix queue 
but Scofield and Co. are still in our hearts.

What we're loving on tv:
3 Latin dancers. 3 ballet. Whole lot of awesome. 
Looks like a superb summer of dance

Don Wildman: Traveler extraordinaire. History geek. Uber cool.
 Someone we'd love to interview.

The singing. The heartbreak. The drama. The fun.

What we're stoked for:
One word: TRAVIS!

What we received from swapping:

What we bought (books):

What we bought (ebooks):
Too many:)

What's Going On with you? Care to share?

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