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Emerald City Dreamer Blog Tour

Emerald City Dreamer (Dreams by Streetlight Book One)
By Luna Lindsey 
Word count: 124,000 
Genre: Urban Fantasy 
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Synopsis: Jina and Sandy survived the unthinkable. Now they've set up a secret Order in Seattle to fight the impossible - fairytale creatures born of human nightmares and nourished on dreams. Their tools: iron, lore, science, glamour, and support groups. As beginners, without access to the ancient societies of faerie hunters, they must rediscover how to protect themselves. And in order to fight the fiends of the world, Sandy must take control her inner ghosts. 

As a dreamer in a rock band, Jina unknowingly feeds the fae and attracts unseen enemies at every turn. Now, they're finally on the tail of at least one dark monster bent on evil. She is a dreamer, so she must follow her heart - but which way does it lead? 

Jett is an elf who only wants to protect her hodge-podge clan of faeries from the encroaching world of science and religion - which have systematically slaughtered her kind and the beliefs that gave birth to her people. True dreamers are rare beings, and when she finds them, she does everything she can to protect them and claim them as her own. 

Ezra is a teenager who never feels comfortable in his own skin. Most people like him well enough, but when he looks in the mirror, he sees a demon. He has been taken in by the Garbage Eaters, who expect obedience and purity. Before long, he suffers a crisis of faith that may lead him into real danger. 

Delve into this deeply developed, internally consistent world of the fae, and meet beings who are simultaneously alien, elegant, and terrifying, fueled by dreams and the creative energy of artists. Glimpse the secret world of Tir Nan Og through the eyes of fully fledged four-dimensional characters living in a Seattle that is just a bit weirder than you think. 

This is a story with psychological depth, a page-turner with unexpected twists and turns. 

When prey hunts, who will lead the chase, and who will run? 

Laurie's thoughts: I enjoy urban fantasy and the Seattle depicted in Emerald City Dreamer was cool and easily visualized. Also cool was author Luna Lindsey's world of humans and supernatural creatures, most notably, the fae. Though there is a large cast of characters, I felt the focus of the story is primarily on Jina, a rock band drummer, dreamer and co-creator of an Order of fighters. I found her difficult to connect with and a large part of that uneasiness was based on her aloof character. I did like her to a degree but thought she needed definition, more focus. Her backstory was interesting and I would have preferred to heave read about her past as well as Jina's in a prequel or novella and not in this installment where it took me out of the present moment and slowed the pacing. This is a long story with a large cast and following everything and everyone did become a task at times. The fast pace kept the story moving and there were moments of humor. The descriptions were well executed and I did get a sense of this new world. Perhaps in the next book, the focus could be more concrete, based on a few characters instead of many. Emerald City Dreamer features an intriguing world and concept and with some definition future installments should rock the urban fantasy genre.

Rating: ***

Book source: I received a promotional ebook copy for my honest review posted during a book tour stop.

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YouTube Video Author Reading of short story "Right After Feeding Time."

About the Author: Luna is mostly a Washington native, however she was born in Salt Lake City, UT. She grew up in the Tri-Cities, Washington, spending time between the three cities of Richland, Pasco, Kennewick, and outlying town Benton City.

She grew up reading her father's sci-fi collection, which included many classic authors like Isaac Asimov and Orson Scott Card. She was homeschooled, and as a child was into piano, model rockets, astronomy, physics, 4H, Girl Scouts, writing, giving speeches, computers, and raising rabbits. She started attending cons and playing RPGs in her early 20s.

In 2003, Luna moved to Seattle. She lives a weird life and loves to geek out and delve into many topics. Her interests are many, and sometimes she forgets all the things she knows how to do.

Luna worked for many years in the IT field, mostly in the computer software industries, before quitting to write full time in 2010. She has written over thirty short stories and three novels.

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