Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Artists & Thieves Book Tour: Excerpt & Kindle Fire giveaway

 Welcome to the Artists & Thieves Blog Tour. There's an excerpt and below is information on a Kindle Fire giveaway.

Where there is art, there are thieves.

Mai Ling is both. Artist by day, thief by night, she recovers stolen art for Interpol. It’s a business, not a passion, until her beloved grandfather reveals a family secret that is also a destiny. He is duty-bound to return to China an especially precious bowl which belonged to his ancestor. Mai must steal it for him.

But Mai Ling is not the only one after the bowl. Four others plan to extract the bowl from a private Californiaart collection. The rival thieves grasp and then lose the bowl until finally Mai is faced with the ultimate dilemma: save the bowl or save herself. Her duty to her grandfather gives her only one choice.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of the Monterey Peninsula and peopled with quirky characters, this stylishart caper entertains on every page.

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With screaming force a bullet dug violently into her left shoulder, blasted her onto her side. The bowl jolted from her arm, careened down the hillside, glinted once, twice, three times in the silver moonlight before plunging into the old swimming pool just up the hill from the breakwater.

The bowl itself reacted instantly to the water, glowing brightly. In a streak of light, a stream of fire, it cut through the dark water, hitting bottom in a blaze of red flashes.

Even as severe pain consumed her, Mai, barely able to breathe, her energy ebbing away, watched the oracle bowl as it flew off the cliff into the water. The bowl’s strange light, its stream of fire, seemed normal to her, as if she expected it, as if it motioned to her.
About the author: Linda Schroeder divides her time between the bright sun of California and the high mountains of Colorado. She has a Master’s degree in English and one in Communicative Disorders/Audiology. In addition to her novel, Artists & Thieves, she has published a college text.

Her early interest in English expanded to include language disorders and she began a second career as an audiologist and aural rehabilitation therapist working with deaf and hard-of-hearing children and adults.

Currently, she studies and practices Chinese brush painting, celebrating the vitality and energy of nature. She follows art and art theft blogs and writes her own blog about art and sometimes includes reviews of novels. She is working on two more novels, a second Mai Ling novel about the Diamond Sutra, and a Sammy Chan art mystery about the forgery of a Goya painting.

You can visit her website at www.artistsandthieves.com.
Linda Schroeder will be giving away a KINDLE FIRE during her June & July virtual book tour  for ARTISTS & THIEVES. Click on graphic above to go to the tour page to enter or here!

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