Saturday, June 23, 2012

YA book review: Pretty Little Liars boxed set (books 1-4) by Sara Shepard

Reading level: Ages 14 and up
Paperback: 1500 pages (boxed set)
Publisher: Harper Teen; Reprint edition (November 25, 2008)

Blurb: Three years ago, Alison disappeared after a slumber party, not to be seen since. Her friends at the elite Pennsylvania school mourned her, but they also breathed secret sighs of relief. Each of them guarded a secret that only Alison had known. Now they have other dirty little secrets, secrets that could sink them in their gossip-hungry world. When each of them begins receiving anonymous emails and text messages, panic sets in. Are they being betrayed by some one in their circle? Worse yet: Is Alison back?

The first four books in the Pretty Little Liars series are collected in this boxed set. Includes "Pretty Little Liars, Flawless, Perfect," and "Unbelievable."

Caitlin's review: Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery and Alison DiLaurentis were the "it" girls of Rosewood Day. They bullied those they considered to be "losers" and got almost everything they wanted. That is until their leader, Alison goes missing. Years later after Alison's body is found, the remaining girls of the posse reunite to solve Alison's murder.That's when they begin receiving notes and texts from"A." A is threatening, controlling, and just happens to know everything about them, even their most hidden secrets, ones that only Alison knew. A wants revenge and will stop at nothing. Who is A? Read the Pretty Little Liars series to find out.

Having gotten hooked on the TV show Pretty Little Liars, I decided to read the books as well. The book series is addicting! Once I finished one book, I quickly wanted to begin the next in the series. The mystery is intense and very thought-provoking. The story-line is also very fast paced without any dull moments.

Even though the books are narrated by A, you still feel a connection to each of the characters. Each chapter alternates from one girl's life to another's so you get a more personal description.

As the story goes on, I began to piece together the clues and formed a theory which proved to be way off! There's a twisty ending because after all, nothing goes as planned in Rosewood.

A is such a well thought out character--from the texts to the blackmailing to the complicated plans and timing--she/he is so vicious, yet you have to hand it to A for being such a mastermind.

The Pretty Little Liars books 1-4 are very intriguing and will leave you wanting more.

Rating: 4 stars. Really liked these four books.

Cover comment: I like how all of the covers are consistent.

Book source: I received the box set as a present.


  1. All my friends tell me I must read Pretty Little Liars and I'm starting to think that there's a reason why. This was a really great review outlining all the great things about this series!

    Teenage Fiction

  2. Pretty Little Liars is my guilty pleasure. Absolutely! Great review, the way you described the books, amazing. And I want to warn you, as the series goes on it is completely stupid, but its from Sara Shepard and she can write anything and it can be good.