Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Fit Learning Blog Tour

We are hosting the Summer Fit Learning Blog Tour today. Our mom received a Summer Fit Learning Workbook for our younger brother, Stevie, who will be entering third grade in the fall. Below is some information on the company, their products, and a review written by our mom.

About Summer Fit Learning

Summer Fit workbooks and online resources are part of an ongoing initiative to keep children mentally and physically active while away from school using a unique active and values based approach to summer learning.

Summer Fit Learning is made up of parents, teachers, trainers and athletes committed to preparing children mentally, physically and socially for challenges inside and outside the classroom.

Today’s learning environment can be hard to navigate for children as well as parents and guardians. It is critical to develop a balanced approach to learning that combines traditional book based learning with technology, while at the same time encouraging good character and active lifestyles.

About the workbook we received:
Age level: 7 and up
Grade level: 2 and up

Summer Fit contains grade appropriate, basic skill activities in reading, writing, math and language arts. The daily fitness component is a fun and easy-to-use exercise routine that gets children moving on a daily basis and is designed to help children build healthy exercise habits while away from school. Children choose from Aerobic, Strength and Sport activities using a Fitness Index developed by professional trainers, school coaches and parents. Exercises are reinforced online with videos that show children performing each of the different exercises.

Weekly core value activities and exercises are a resource for parents and guardians to use in talking about and teaching good character and values. Each week a different value is introduced and reinforced using real world examples of a person who represents that value.

Summer Fit is the most comprehensive summer workbook available and provides parents with the tools and the motivation to develop the physical and social well being of their child as well as the academic.

Summer Fit includes online games to reinforce basic skills in reading, writing and language arts.

Our review:
 On the Summer Fit Learning website ( there are three items mentioned on their homepage: Mind, Body and Values. From what I saw inside this workbook, these three things are definitely covered. The worksheets are great for growing minds and helps kids retain the knowledge gained from the previous year as they prepare for the next. The  activities work the body and the values shared help mold strong minds and bodies. 

I used to search every June for credible workbooks. Some were huge and instantly turned off my kids just by their size, while others were small but didn't offer much. None of the workbooks I ever purchased dealt with making education and physical activity fun. This workbook, even though my seven year old isn't finished with school yet (two weeks to go), I can see from looking at the pages and sharing them with him that he will benefit from this book while helping him practice his penmanship as well. What I also like is the ability to go online to use additional resources for reading, language arts, math and physical activities and the "daily brain and body activities."

There are also bonus activities found on the summer Fit Learning website which will "challenge" students with work they will be doing in the following school year and there are also games parents can purchase online if they want.

As a parent invested in my children's educations, Summer Fit Learning offers summer workbooks parents can readily welcome into their homes and daily practices to help make learning for their children educational, beneficial, and most importantly--especially for younger-aged kids--fun. 

Rating: Affordable workbooks are a plus.

Summer Fit Learning is active on Facebook where everyone can find updates, promotions, activities, and fun facts. Their facebook link:

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