Friday, June 22, 2012

Destiny Bewitched Blitz

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Destiny Bewitched is the first of three Blitzes we are hosting today. Destiny Bewitched is a paranormal fantasy by Leia Shaw, and the other two blitzes feature fantasy novel Shadows of Kings and Blood Jewel, a paranormal romance. All blitzes are presented by Bewitching Book Tours.

Destiny Bewitched (Shadows of Destiny, Book 4)
by Leia Shaw
Genre: Paranormal fantasy
Format: ebook

Blurb: Deemed “trailer trash” by humans and the daughter of the most disgraceful family of witches and warlocks since the Puritan age, Samantha is used to fighting her own battles. When her younger sister is taken to the Underworld, Sam doesn't hesitate to rescue her. 

To survive the harsh land, she makes a deal with a demon — the most dangerous of creatures in the realm. 

Even with those lustrous horns, Geo is as hot as the hell she's stuck in. Fighting nasty beasts in a supernatural version of the gladiator games is easy compared to falling in love with a man who has no future to offer.

About the author: I began my writing journey while I was stranded at the airport waiting for my delayed flight. I browsed the Border’s kiosk and grew frustrated that I couldn’t find the “it factor” — the perfect combination of alpha male-ness, ass-kickery, strong females, magic, and sex.

So I spent the next four hours on an airplane writing my first book on scraps of paper and an airsick bag (which thankfully I didn't need to use).

Now I spend too much time in my head, plotting evil villains and the hot men (and women) who ruthlessly kill them. I think far too much about fae politics, dragon power games, and how fast werewolves can change forms. But writing my paranormal romance series has given me a productive place to express those dark places in my mind.

I live in New England with my husband and two kids. Though I will go to my grave denying it, my husband insists I would be thrilled if he suddenly sprouted fangs.

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