Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Children's Book Week: Recollection #2: Judy Blume

Today is the second day of Children's Book Week and we're paying homage to Judy Blume. 

(Laurie) As a young girl, I spent many hours in my local public library primarily doing one thing--reading. Since the kid's section was small I only had a handful of shelves to choose from so selecting time was brief. I read the classics from Little House On The Prairie, Pippi Longstocking, Black Beauty and many others. Then I discovered Judy Blume. Here was someone--finally!--writing TO me about me. Her characters sounded like me, thought the same thoughts, had the same feelings. I was amazed. How did one lady know all of this? Today, I still don't know how Judy Blume does it--pegs the voice of kids so well--but I'm grateful that she does. She changed my reading experience into something profound. I will never forget the memories and the impact her books had on me.

My first Judy Blume experience. Pure awesome.

Growing up has its painful moments. Deenie was the girl we wanted to be until she's diagnosed with scoliosis. Then she becomes the girl we all want to root for. This character touched me with her voice, her worries, her thoughts.

Sex. One of the most feared words on the planet and one most tweens and teens are curious about. This Judy Blume book was the one we sneaked home with, read under the covers in the protectiveness of night, and the one we gossiped about the most with our girlfriends. 

Iconic. Thought provoking. Touching. Gritty. Real
That's Judy Blume on the page. She helped pave the road for future children's book authors while offering young readers choices in what they read. She is a legend.

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  1. I read Forever... and found it amazing and thought provoking, especially for the time it was written in. I have yet to read any of her other books - YET!