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Wings of Desire Book Tour

Wings of Desire
By Arianna Skye

Blurb: Not your (grand)mother's fairytale...

Rhiannon Kinsley's life goes from boring to downright crazy when a freak lightning bolt strikes her laptop. To make matters even more bizarre, strange words and symbols flash across the computer screen and she hears a mysterious voice. Time to call the men in white coats! Then Cerne Silverwing, an intriguingly sexy man, appears. He insists she’s a faerie princess whose fate will determine his own. What a crock! Now she knows who really needs those white coats.

With the Dark Faerie forces threatening his kingdom, Cerne kidnaps Rhiannon and brings her to Fey, a land where magic knows no bounds. He's performing a duty to save his kingdom and nothing more—a duty that will bring him his wings and the strengthened magic that comes with them. If he doesn’t unite with the princess as her consort, those wings will never grow. But this princess grew up in the land of laptops and instant messages, and she’s convinced they're both crazy. Despite their differences, the two are thrust together to defeat the whip-wielding Dark Faerie Queen before she takes over the kingdom. Passion and peril aside, will Rhiannon and Cerne discover their true destiny?

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Guest post from Arianna Skye
Thanks to ReaderGirls for inviting me here today. As you may or may not know, Wings of Desire was my first published novel. The rights were returned to me back in January of this year, so I decided to self-publish it instead. Here are five things I’ve learned along my journey, and I’m sure as I proceed down the self-publishing road, I’ll learn more. 

5. Do It Yourself, only if you know what you’re doing. I was near ready to pull my hair out as I tried to figure out how to format the book. I decided my job is to write the book. I’d be best to leave the formatting to the professionals. It cost me a whole whopping $50 to have someone format my book in multiple file types and include a TOC with hyperlinks. Professional cover art is important too. If your book cover looks like a third grade art assignment, trust me, you won’t sell books. Cover art really isn’t all that expensive. My book cover cost less than $200 for both an eBook and POD cover. With so many people now entering the cover art arena, you might find some artists for even less. 

4. If I want to *really* sell books, I’ll need a bigger backlist. I’m hearing all these stories about authors who have made it to the USA Today and New York Times Bestsellers list. The reason is simple, they have a huge backlist. So, time for me to get writing! 

3. Promote yourself. These books won’t sell themselves, althought it would be awesome if they  could. There are several companies out there ready to help you promote yourself and your book. That’s how I ended up here today. I hired Bewitching Book Tours to schedule a blog tour. It’s been a fun and exciting experience. 

2. There are some interesting buying trends. I’m only saying this because of my experience. It may not be the norm. I originally priced the book at $4.49. Because other self-published authors mentioned books of the same size usually sell between $2.99 and $3.99, I lowered it to $3.99. Sales dropped. I put the price back to $4.49 and sales picked up again. I decided to price it at $3.49, since the prices ending in .49 seemed more visually appealing to customers. 

* Unfortunately, I was told that if I wanted my book on Apple’s iBookstore, the price would have to end in .99 (I’m not sure if this is true or not, but if it is, that’s silly). So I lowered it to $2.99. I’ll take my chances, I guess. *LOL* 

 The most important thing I’ve learned is to not be afraid and ask questions. Other authors are generally nice and extremely willing to help other authors out. I don’t think I’d have a book out right now if it wasn’t for the help and encouragement of others. 

If anyone has any questions about Self-publishing, feel free to ask. I’m by far still a novice, but I don’t mind attempting to answer any questions you may have. 

About the author: Arianna Skye is the erotic pen name of paranormal romance author, Sidney Ayers. She loves infusing stories with humor. What would the world be without a little bit of laughter? Arianna writes a plethora of genres, ranging from historical, to paranormal, to contemporary.

A native of Michigan, Arianna still lives in the same town she grew up in. No matter how hard she tries, she just can’t seem to get away. Michigan is in her blood, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

To learn more about Arianna/Sidney and her books, visit these links:

Arianna links: Website|Facebook|Twitter
Sidney links:  Website|Facebook|Twitter

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