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Book Spotlight: Guardian by S.B. Rodgers

Guardian: Book 1 in The Guardian Trilogy by S.B. Rodgers

A character interview with Gabe
His Impressive pedigree is apparent as he lowers himself gracefully into the plush antique chaise opposite me. His manner is polite, yet business like. Where some might feel nervous about being interviewed, he practically oozes confidence. I catch myself mid-sigh as he casually sweeps his long silky blond hair over his shoulder and shoots me a soft smile. The blurry pictures in the gossip rags simply don't do Gabriel Ward justice.

EterniTeen Magazine: Gabriel, thank you for agreeing to this interview with the Eternal Times.

Gabe Ward: You're very welcome, but please call me Gabe.

EM: Oh yes, my apologies. So Gabe, lets start with an easy one...What made you decide to be a Guardian? Considering who your father is and the overwhelming success of your older sister, did you feel pressured into living up to the Ward family’s good name?

GW: Easy, huh?

He chuckles.

GW: Did I feel pressure to make something of myself? Of course. My parents are renowned for their power and status and my sister's skills are unparalleled. However I can honestly say that even if I had been born to a family of Messengers, I would have pursued Guardianship. It's just who I am. There is simply nothing like working to save a human life.

EM: So what is it about humans that you love so much? Why do you risk your life for theirs?

GW: That’s an easy one. As all angels know, humans are not gifted the way we were with power or flight. This leaves them virtually defenseless against the Enemy. That's where we must step in; to protect our fellow brothers and sisters from the evil they can't see or even begin to comprehend.

EM: Yes but why did you specifically want to be a Guardian?

Gabe pauses, contemplating this for a moment before turning his storm-grey eyes to me and answering.

GW: Everyone has a true calling. I have always felt very protective towards human life. When it came time to decide my path, shipping off to the academy was pretty much a no-brainer.

EM: I'm sure that the fact that your father was a member of the acquisitions commits didn't hurt your chances of getting in!

GW: Actually, I changed the name on my application. My alias was Larson Gray, if I recall correctly.

He smirks, the left corner of his mouth lifting slightly.

GW: I needed to know if I could get in on my merits as a potential Guardian. Not just as my father’s son. Actually, I though he was going to have a stroke when the deadline passed and he didn't have my application. But by that point I'd already received my acceptance letter.

EM: While we're still on this train of thought, what is your favorite thing about being a Guardian?

GW: There's a moment in each successful case, when you see for the first time since you've met your charge that there is finally a glimmer of hope in their eyes. That’s why I love to do this… It's such a breathtakingly beautiful moment.

The intensity shining in his stormy eyes reflects his genuine passion for his duty.

I'm about to continue with my next question when the study doors burst open. In walks a tall man, neatly dressed in black pants and blue button down shirt. His clothes contrast almost comically with the filthy frilly apron he wears over top of his otherwise dressy attire. He's extremely good looking for a man of middle-age.

Unfortunately, his pristine grooming and good looks fail to counterbalance the horrible hot reek that puffs in coiling grey clouds from the tray of charred cookies-at least I think they were cookies-that he deposits with a flourish onto the coffee table between Gabe and I. I try my best to mask my revulsion, looking to Gabe for an introduction that doesn't happen. Instead, the handsome youth glares up at the intruder, his posture snapping from relaxed to rigid in an instant.

GW: Aiden, what do you think you’re doing?

Gabe’s eyes grow dark and his eyebrows furrow angrily as the older man turns to me with a friendly grin.

Aiden: I heard that the Eternal Times was interviewing you today, Gabe, so I made some cookies. But if I’d known it was EterniTeen Magazine, I would have made my world-famous cupcakes instead!

Gabe’s glare turns to me and I flinch back under the intensity of his heated gaze.

GW: Wait. EterniTeen Magazine? You’re from that bottom-feeding gossip rag?!

Aiden interrupts him with a smooth admonishment.

A: Now Gabe, they aren’t all bad! I was their hunk of the year back in 327 B.C.!

He leans down to look at my face more closely, and I am struck once again by his good looks and the awful burnt smell that clings to him like a cologne.

A: Actually, you seem familiar…You were the reporter’s assistant back then! Lovely to see you again, my dear. It’s been a while!

GW: …Ya well, the last article they published on me was an exposé claiming I was a woman in disguise. Just because of my hair!

I scramble to my feet, nearly upsetting the tray in front of me--my cover is blown. I must retreat!

EM: Yes, well, I have to, um, go now.

I glance at Gabe, whose skin and eyes are beginning to glow bright, silvery white with power.

EM: I guess now would be a bad time to ask if you’re dating anyone?

I don’t stick around for an answer--my reporter’s instinct tells me to book it. I dash through the Ward’s huge, exquisite Georgetown mansion and out the heavy front door to my assistant’s waiting car. I slide into the passenger’s seat and smile to myself--this story is going to be even better than my exposé!

An excerpt from Guardian:

Guardian is our twisted little Cinderella story.
A paranormal romance with edge. 

This excerpt features Mammon, the guy we love to hate. 

Chapter 8

The sound of the hard soles of his tall leather boots striking the exquisite black marble floor reverberated through the hall. His steps were measured and confident, never faltering in their rhythm as he strode onto the raised platform, seven sets of eyes following his every movement. He turned, sinking gracefully onto his throne.

The moment his body made contact with the cold black and silver chair, the throne room came to life. The formerly dark, high-ceilinged hall was bathed in the warm glow of firelight from both the sconces on the wall and the marble oil wells that ran the length of the room. The flickering fire cast Lucifer’s face in a sinister light, alternately black shadow and red-orange glow.

He cast his eyes downwards on his council, his Seven Generals. “Well? Why was I summoned, Draven? I was in the midst of something” he smirked “let’s not keep her waiting, hmm?”

Draven nodded, stepping forward. He bowed his head as he addressed his master. “My lord, if I may?” He stopped at the bottom step of the platform and swept himself into a deep, kneeling bow. His long, thick mane of black hair fell forward, revealing the angry diagonal scar that marred the length of his heavily muscled back. The scar was white and puckered in places, the lightness of it contrasting with his otherwise caramel coloured skin.

Lucifer grimaced. He knew that scar, was there when the flaming sword had bitten deep into his second in command’s flesh and thrown him aside. The wars had not been easy on Draven; his skin, Lucifer knew, was crisscrossed with those white scars recording each of his wounds. The wounds from battles that had placed him higher and higher in his lord’s favour until he became Hell’s most decorated General, the Leader of the Seven, presiding over Hell’s armies; second only to Lucifer himself.

“My lord, I apologize if I have overstepped my bounds by summoning you here. I have gathered the council before you because we feel that we have found a solution to our… most pressing dilemma.”

Lucifer beckoned him forward wordlessly. Draven stood and moved up the steps to stand on Lucifer’s right side, towering over him. His height and muscular frame made him seem even more menacing than the King of Hell, but it was clear to all who the master was. “Our plan merely awaits your approval, my lord.” Draven said, staring straight ahead.

Lucifer leaned forward, a hint of a smile tugging at his lips. Trust Draven to come up with a plan, he thought satisfactorily. “Elaborate.”

“We will find the girl and bring her to you.” A beautiful woman with curly blonde hair said excitedly.

“And exactly how do you intend to do this, General Astarte?” Lucifer drawled.

Astarte squared her shoulders and spoke. “We will send a small taskforce, one that will travel unnoticed and seek her out.”

Lucifer considered this, turned his head to glance up at Draven. “And who do you have in mind, Head General?”

Draven kept looking ahead stoically. “We have all agreed that Mammon would be best for the task.”

Lucifer’s eyebrows rose involuntarily in surprise. “Your son?”

“Yes, he’s very good at…harvesting the truth. And he holds substantial sway throughout the planet.”

“Well, if you trust him, all of you, then I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to let him try.” Lucifer gestured offhandedly “Send him in.”

The huge wooden double doors at the end of the hall swung open, pulled from the outside by unseen hands. A tall figure swathed in a flowing black cloak stepped forward, entering the chamber. A scuffling noise, out of sync with his movements came from somewhere behind him. The doors began to close behind him and he glanced between them and the throne. Draven addressed his unspoken question “Your dogs must stay outside.”

Mammon dipped his head, turned and said a few quiet words, gestured with his hands a few times. The scuffling behind the doors ceased, with the exception of a few soft rustlings, and the doors were closed. He approached the throne, his face hidden by the deep hood of the cloak. Mammon bowed deeply, removing his hood when he straightened and stared expressionlessly into Lucifer’s eyes. Lucifer stared back, taking in the young man before him. He was the opposite of his father in almost every way, he thought with some amusement. Fair-haired, feminine featured and very, very pale; he certainly took after his mother, and though he had his father’s height he had a willowy, nearly delicate frame. Those eyes that bored into his so fearlessly were hardly coloured at all; they held the faintest trace of grey in the iris, adding to his ghostly appearance.

This could be interesting, Lucifer thought. “You feel that you are ready for this task?” He asked Mammon, who opened his mouth to reply. Lucifer held up a hand to stop him. “Before you answer, understand this: failure is not an option. The girl is a game changer, and she must not be harmed.” He hardened his gaze. “Neither mentally nor physically.”

Mammon nodded once “I understand, my lord.” He said, his voice smooth and emotionless. “I will complete this mission with the utmost delicacy.”

Lucifer dismissed him with a nod “You’d better. Now leave, Hunter. You may all leave.” Draven made to move forward, to leave with the rest of the council, but was halted by Lucifer’s hand on his forearm. “Stay for a moment.” He commanded in a low voice. He waited until the rest had departed and they were alone in the grand hall. “Are you sure he is ready?” Lucifer demanded, watching his subordinate’s square-jawed face for any sign of irresoluteness.

Draven’s mouth twisted slightly in discomfort as his eyes met Lucifer’s. “His methods may be brutal, even for a demon, but…his success rate is unparalleled. He will not fail.”

“Very well. I trust you to brief him with all of the necessary details; I expect nothing less than complete success. I will not be pleased, should he fail.” Lucifer stood, turned and walked towards the hidden door in the wall behind the platform.

He had opened it when he stopped, looking over his shoulder at Draven. “Oh, and one more thing. He can kill the archangels themselves if he finds it necessary, I don’t care, but…If one hair on the head of that girl is harmed, when I’m through with him, your son will wish that he had never existed.”

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Author Bio: S.B. Rodgers is a pen name that stands for Sara & Becky Rodgers. Becky argued extensively that in the name of humour, the letters should be listed alphabetically, but lost out to her arch nemesis common sense. Sara and Becky met at the young ages of twenty-two months and zero days, thrust into each other’s lives by fate and situations beyond either of their control. They are sisters, frenemies and most importantly co-authors. It’s theorised that they were identical twin in a past life…not really but it’d be pretty cool. Their parents taught them that a person’s imagination is a precious gift and stories should be cherished. As a team the siblings bring very different skills to the table, each one’s strength perfectly complimenting the others weakness. They try not to take themselves very seriously and strive to look for the humour in life. Their partnership is one of extreme love and respect for each other, both as family and literary artists. (Official author photo to be released mid-march)

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