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Name Before the Masses Publisher Tour: Interview with Dawn Lyons--Editor/Acquisitions + Giveaway

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Rebel Ink Press - 
Publisher of  Cutting Edge Romance

Genre: We encompass everything from sweet to heat in all sub-genres to include but not limited to contemporary, erotic, paranormal, suspense, historical, ménage, same sex, and BDSM.

Company Bio: Open since August 2010, Rebel strives to provide readers with stories they want and while offering the services authors deserve. We're committed to good citizenship, fair business practices, and developing up and coming authors through editorial support, marketing and promotion--all of which help authors create their best works possible.

Blurbs/Excerpts will be determined by the current months releases and will be sent with the necessary information for each host. We have a custom informational blog piece we can share and we’re open to interviews by staff members. We also have an informational video in the works we’d like to share.

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Interview with Dawn Lyons--Editor/Acquisitions
1) Can you share a little bit about what your day as an acquisitions editor is really like?

Completely enjoyable most of the time. I love seeing new talent come across my desk. When I’m not busy actually editing, I get to read some pretty terrific stuff. I know most people think this would get pretty tedious, but it’s what I love and can’t imagine doing anything else.

2) What types of stories would you like to see come across your desk or in your email?

I would love to see more historical and contemporary pieces. I recently had the good fortune of editing a piece, part of a series, that is set during World War II and it was wonderful. I think the market is out there for innovative and well thought out historicals. A lot of people don’t realize that the early 20th century is now considered to fall in this realm and is up for grabs. It’s no longer all about the Renaissance and Highlanders, the market is ripe for the picking.

3) What are you tired of seeing?

I’m not really tired of any particular genre, although, I’d like to see something fresh and new in the paranormal world. Give me some fairies to work with, or how about a twist on Greek gods of some sort. It seems that fairy tales are coming into their own as well, but they just aren’t hitting my desk in waves like I’d expect them to be.

4) What genres are increasing in popularity? Decreasing?

Fairy tales and horror/suspense seem to be on the rise. People seem to be latching on to mysteries as of late.

5) What makes you sit up and take notice of a manuscript?

A unique story line. One that says, yes, this is a story line that anyone could do, but look at my unique version. Also, if it’s not a rewrite of a recent big screen movie. That makes me take notice. A completely well thought out creative idea. Also, I appreciate being shown not told. When I’m drawn in and can see what someone is showing me, I’m hooked.

6) What advice can you give new authors who may want to submit to your company?

Please be sure to read our submissions guidelines. When something is sent in in the correct format it certainly speeds up the turn around. Also, don’t be afraid if you manuscript has been turned down before by another press, or you feel your idea is too far outside the box. We tend to publish things that might otherwise get tossed in the “doesn’t fit the standard pile.” We are anything but standard at Rebel and our writers tend to tackle tough issues head on. They embrace the real world and we look for that.

Thanks for having me over today! I appreciate the opportunity.

As a company, Rebel strives to provide readers with stories they want and while offering the services authors deserve. We're committed to good citizenship, fair business practices, and developing up and coming authors through editorial support, marketing and promotion--all of which help authors create their best works possible.

Our philosophy must be working because here we are a year later, Rebel strong! We now house over sixty writers and our inbox is a busy place. We currently have eighty plus titles available at ARe, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Coffee Time Romance and Bookstrand, and we’re looking to expand our vendor list in 2012. Our release calendar is full and our first quarter of 2012 is busting at the seams. In fact we’re looking to double our available titles this year. Our writers are gleaning rave reviews and several are bestsellers at ARe, to date they’ve earned twenty-one of those coveted silver stars.

At Rebel our promise to ourselves was to provide the Cadillac of customer service to our writers. Yes, our writers. They enjoy benefits under our roof not often offered through small presses, such as the services of a professional cover artist, marketing opportunities arranged through our public relations department, professional editing services by a half-dozen plus hand-selected editors, graphic arts help, and we have an in-house review coordinator. Our ARCs are sent out in advance of release to reputable and safe reviewers so we have feedback for our writers to grow on. As a result, we’re growing, too. By leaps and bounds.

Again we’d like to say thanks for hosting us today. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section or email us at We’d be happy to answer them.

For more information about us, our writers and their works, or for submissions guidelines please find us at our website. You can also follow us on Facebook, we’d love for you to find and follow us on Twitter @rebelinkpress and we just opened our YouTube channel.

Isn’t it time to get serious?

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  1. Questions 3 & 4, in particular about genres, caught my attention. I'd be happy to see a massive shift & shake up myself.


  2. It's true with Twilight even the M/M genre was full of paranormal stories, especially shifters and vampires were pretty popular, I hope it goes back, somewhat or gets more creative.

    Thank you for the tour, I enjoyed reading your interviews!

    elaynelost (at) yahoo (dot) de

  3. Thank you for hosting Rebel Ink Press today.

  4. Thanks for hosting me today, Reader Girls! Thanks for stopping by Marybelle and Ellie! I'm keeping my eyes open for the shift in what's the next hot thing. All genres go through trend peaks and valleys and it's just a matter of time before we see it with the paranormal genre. I'll be in and out quite a bit today, Monday's are the busiest day of the week for me, but I'll check in as often as I can to answer questions and chat it up with all the readers here, so please dont' be shy.

  5. Very interesting information today. I read mostly historical romances set primarily in the Regency to Victorian favorite time periods. Because of the popularity of Downton Abbey, I am beginning to look for books set in the early part of the 20th century. I shy away from fantasy, sci fi and most paranormal. While I tend to enjoy films in those genres, I don't care for reading them. Haven't figured out why yet. So, do you have particular genre preferences? If so, do those preferences ever get in the way of the reading you must do for your job?

    1. Hi Karen! My personal preferences in reading encompass just about everything, although I tend to lean toward historical and cowboys. With almost 25 years of this under my belt, I learned long ago I had to separate my personal taste from my job. It's just not fair to a writer with a good story to tell to suffer because I of my preferences in reads. So, while I'm at my desk, the writer is a person but editing their work is just a job. Then later when I need my escape I can sit down with my Kindle and indulge my own needs. As far as early 20th century we have a couple of writers delving into that arena. E Jaime has the first of her Resistance series set in World War II out and Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy has a 1940's era novel coming out soon. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Dawn...I'll have to check out the YouTube Channel. As a librarian, I've been trying to discover new (to me) publishers, especially those working with indie authors. It's hard for such publishers to get their products into libraries. As a librarian, I'm leary of publishers and books that don't have professional editing and aren't reviewed in mainstream review sources. It sounds like Rebel is able to provide and/or coordinate some of these services in-house.

    I like your blurb that Rebel encompasses "everything from sweet to heat..." And I also agree about something different. Let's get a series on Amazon women. There could be paranormal elements, contemporary, historical stories, some BDSM...lots of options.

    1. Hi Catherine! We try very hard to provide some of services not often available at small presses, like help in attaining those precious reviews. It not only helps the writers, it helps us as a business through a sort of quality control. Please do stop by and check out what some of our writers have been up to this year, and wow, I like that Amazon idea. That's one that hadn't crossed my mind yet. Thanks for coming by today and thanks for all the hard work you do in your field. It's much appreciated.

  7. Hi Dawn,
    it was interesting to read about the genres and how they change. Do you tell your writer what's the topic du jour that they should write about or at least about whats popular on the market?


    1. Hi Lyra! If our return writers ask for direction we'll let them know our opinions and help steer the boat a bit for them. I'm amazed at how well they take advice and listen to our ideas when it comes to story lines and what's selling. A writers ego can be pretty large at times and to have writers that are eager to learn and use that knowledge is refreshing and well appreciated. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hallo Dawn,
    thank you for the interview. I enjoyed reading about different points of views on working in digital publishing, while following your tour.

    Do you ask certain authors if they want to submit something with Rebel or scout new ones or do the author's find you?


    1. Hi Anzu! I'm so glad you've been following along and have enjoyed the tour. As of now the only by invitation only extended to authors are anthology invitations and this year past Father's Day those will only be offered to existing Rebel writers. The criteria for invitation is still being developed. We don't actively scout, however, our writers seem to be happy enough with our services that word of mouth more often than not brings new talent to our doors. Thanks for the questions.

  9. I read reviews as well to decide if I should give a book a chance. Sometimes the topic is one that wasn't done often and that I like comes up and then the book is an auto-buy but it will get a review if I like it or disliked it and why.

    We had a promt week in my Goodreads group this week and it's always interesting to see what does get chosen by the authors. Contempory does seem to a popular genre but I'm more looking forward to the forced/blackmailed into (political/arranged)marriage plot. I hope more books with that theme will be done sometime as well in the m/m genre.

    emiliana25 (at) web (dot) de

    1. Hi Emiliana! At Rebel we consider reader feedback so important and give it equal weight in analyzing a writer's performance as we do professional review houses. They are after all writing for you, their audience. Thanks for being one of those readers that leaves reviews and is truthful about liking or disliking. This is how we and our writers learn. I don't see much of the forced/blackmail plot cross my desk, but I'm glad to get that input. Knowing what readers are looking for is very important in the decision making process in acquisitions. We do pay attention to polls and statistics, but getting it from the source is golden. Thanks for coming by and for the feedback!

  10. Seeing Emiliana's feedback on what she'd like to see more of prompts me to put that question out there to the audience today. Is there anything that you as a readers would like to see more of or would like to be the next trend? Let me know what your thoughts are, I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)

  11. Thanks to Dawn and the ladies of Goddess Fish. We also thank everyone who stopped by!

  12. I love reading stories set in the early 1900's and into world war 2 era.